Circle Outing. November 3rd. Warren Caylor.

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Circle Outing. November 3rd. Warren Caylor.

This evening several Circle members (highlighted) attended a séance with Warren Caylor which was held at Wroxton Village Hall near Banbury.

The séance Circle described clockwise from the cabinet: ‘Ozzy’. Spare chair. Chris. Belinda. Helena. Alan. Pam. Dave. Lisa. Julie (controlling lights and music)Warren was seen (and checked by Alan and Helena) to be seated within the cabinet with his wrists tied with cable ties, his legs bound together with rope and with further rope and chains binding his body to the chair. Finally he was gagged. I can think of more enjoyable ways of spending a Saturday evening! The séance began as usual with music being played. During the second song sounds were heard from the cabinet area and the spirit child known as Rachel came forward to welcome sitters, many of them by name. Shortly after this another spirit child, known as Tom, came forward and gave a demonstration of trumpet spinning, drumming and harmonica play, with further exceptional use of the slide whistle being displayed later. He then moved around the Circle physically touching every sitter.

Chatting the whole time, he removed Chris’s shoe and handed this back to her (Chris feeling his hands upon her hands, arm, and leg during this process). He then did the same with Belinda. Moving around the Circle he touched Helena, and then moved to Alan. He tugged at Alan’s shoe before playing with the laces whilst he and Alan exchanged some banter. He then removed Alan’s shoe before banging it purposefully on the floor when told to be careful as it was new!  Tom continued around the Circle to touch Pam, then to remove Dave’s shoe before moving on to play with Lisa and Julie.After this Yellow Feather came through for a chat. Then another entity came forward and lifted the luminous plaque so as to display his hand, which appeared black upon the light background.

Pam was asked to stand to feel this hand, and did so, as did Alan and several other sitters. They described the hand as being firm, warm and natural to the touch. Alan further described the feel of the hand surface as being slightly loose, as if the ‘skin’ didn’t quite fit. Another demonstration involved both Helena and Pam being requested to walk forward to feel the empty Medium’s chair (which had been taken out of the cabinet by the spirit team for the purpose). Rachel later explained the process of dematerialisation to the Circle.

Warren was then returned to the chair and placed back inside the cabinet by the spirit team. At the end of the séance the cable ties were seen to be in place and the chains were still fastened with a padlock (the key of which had been held by Pam throughout). The highlight of the evening was when Yellow Feather returned for a demonstration of materialisation within the light. He moved the chair from beside Chris and sat upon this, then stood up on it, and was then seen (up to neck height) and heard clearly to walk around the Circle, touching many of the sitters and talking to them. He then moved further out into the room, passing through the gap left by the chair, and walked around the outside of the Circle patting each of the sitters on their heads. He then walked purposefully right across the room, and moved things that were situated within the kitchen area! Julie asked him to make her a cup of tea whilst he was over there!  As the materialised figure moved around; a shadow was cast upon the wall behind Chris and Ozzy. Alan noted that the shadow cast by Ozzy’s head was darker than that of the figure, perhaps indicating that the figure was less dense matter than Ozzy’s head (sorry Ozzy I didn’t mean it to sound like that!).

Two and a quarter hours later the séance closed with Warren seen to be firmly tied into his chair within the cabinet. After the close we all witnessed (and helped) as the cabinet was being taken apart, the CD, tape players and two lights were unplugged from their extension sockets and pond liners removed from the windows. All was packed into the car as welcome tea and biscuits were served by Belinda.Thanks to Warren and his team, both earthbound and in the spirit world, for an exceptionally enjoyable evening packed with evidential phenomena


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