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by Dr. Ken S. Two of the world’s most highly-developed physical mediums recently cametogether to conduct an experiment that, I believe, has never been attempted before, in the annals of physical mediumship. This experiment was the brain child of both Kevin Lawrenson, leader of the Yellow Cloud Circle, and John Campbell Sloan, main guide and control on the spirit side for the Yellow Cloud Circle. This experiment took place on Sunday evening, September 18, 2011, at 7 p.m. at the beautiful, spiritual oasis located in the south of France known as Montcabirol.  The two gifted mediums involved were Tom Morris, a highly-developed trance and direct voice medium, and Warren Caylor, a highly-developed direct voice and materialization medium. What made this meeting unique is that Tom Morris is an energy-based medium while Warren Caylor’s mediumship utilizes the traditional ectoplasm.  Energy based mediumship has only been used in physical mediumship for approximately twenty years and is supposed to be safer. Ectoplasm, on the other hand, historically, has been used since 1848, when they first started keeping careful records regarding both public and private demonstrations of physical mediumship. If the ectoplasm is subjected to light, the medium can suffer serious injury, even death.  Aside from Kevin, the circle leader, who presided over this experiment, there were only three other people in attendance for this private experimental sitting in which the attempt was to be made to combine the two energies and achieve materialization – Inge, who came all the way from Australia, Marie-Jeanne from the Netherlands, and myself from the U.S.

The room used for this experiment was 36 feet long and 36 feet wide with the ceiling being approximately 20 feet high and a hard wood floor throughout. Two large, heavy wooden chairs were placed approximately 10 feet away from each other and facing each other. I was advised that Yellow Cloud had instructed Kevin to position the mediums chairs on the points on the compass with Tom’s back facing north and Warren’s back facing south.

As we entered the room, Kevin instructed us where to sit. I was positioned next to Marie-Jeanne and directly opposite Inge. Kevin sat next to Inge, likely to balance the male/female energies. Tom sat in the chair just four feet to my right and Warren sat in the chair opposite Tom which was approximately eight feet from my chair. All of our shoes were removed and left outside prior to entering the room.  After the lights were extinguished, two songs were played and the first communicator to come through and speak was Tom’s main guide and control, John Campbell Sloan. He greeted us, spoke with us for about five minutes, and advised Kevin on how many songs to play and when to turn the red light on and off. The sequence was two songs in the dark, one with the red light on, one with it off, and again one with it on. The music that was played for this sequence was all by a legendary 1980s rock group called Queen. The lead singer of this group was a very popular and charismatic musician named Freddie Mercury, who passed from this world in 1991. One of the purposes of this experiment was to see if the guides of both mediums, using the combined energies of both mediums and the sitters, could produce a full or partial materialization of this discarnate personality in red light.  What I am about to report next, and as accurately as I can, is what I experienced and witnessed personally throughout this demonstration, which lasted approximately 90 minutes. Physical mediumship, being objective and not subjective, ensures that the phenomena that occur is experienced and appreciated by everyone present. It is the most evidential form of mediumship because it appeals to all of the senses. Hence, everyone in the room hears, sees, and feels the same thing. It is a spiritual feast for all of the senses. Immediately after Kevin put on the first song, we all heard very loud foot steps walking across the center of the floor. A few seconds later, Marie-Jeanne and I both heard loud footsteps directly behind us. Seconds later, both of these entities were dancing along with the music. This persisted for the majority of the sitting while the music was being played. About halfway through the first song, I felt a hand caressing my left knee, shin, ankle and foot for about 10-12 seconds. For me, this was a real kumbaya moment. The hand then proceeded to caress my right knee, shin, ankle and foot, again for about 10-12 seconds. This was an amazing thrill for me – actually being touched by one of the materialized spirit communicators. I have no idea who this was. When I asked John Sloan later in the sitting if he touched me, he jokingly made a comment something to the effect of, “No, it wasn’t me, I was never that way inclined, but that is something that Freddie would do.” This created laughter in the room and thus raised the vibration even further. People familiar with physical mediumship know that humor keeps everyone relaxed and happy and thus keeps the energy high, which enhances the communication and allows the phenomena to continue.

          For the sake of brevity, I am going to cut to the chase here and describe what truly

made this sitting so fantastic, important and historic. An attempt was made by the spirit

teams of both mediums to try to produce a materialization in red light. At one point,

Kevin asked John if an experiment like this was ever attempted and he said, “Not to my

knowledge, but it is history in the making.”  What made this experiment so special and

historic was that for possibly the first time in history, guides from two different mediums

spoke to each other and to us in the same sitting. Five guides came through to speak with

us. Three from the Yellow Cloud Circle: John Sloan, Irene Simms, and Phil Starr, all of

whom spoke independently of the medium and two from Warren’s spirit team: Yellow

Feather and Luther, who also spoke independently. When Luther spoke, he loudly, boldly,

and enthusiastically proclaimed, “The experiment is successful thus far. The experiment

is in its early stages and we shall be successful!”  John Sloan expressed great joy and

optimism when also stating that the experiment was successful. Moreover, I am happy to

say that both Tom and Warren have agreed to collaborate on a joint venture by sitting

together whenever possible. This is truly a marriage made in heaven.

When the experiment was complete, John Sloan spoke with us again, and MarieJeanne, who was seated next to me, being from the Netherlands, had a little difficulty

understanding his Scottish accent… John graciously told Marie to wait just a second. He

then proceeded to walk over to her so she could understand him better. Everyone present

could hear his loud footsteps coming toward her and he spoke as he walked so I could

hear his voice getting closer. He must have been wearing shoes because none of us could

have made that much noise walking around the room barefoot. John proceeded to speak louder and clearer so she could understand and I sensed that he was well within arms

length of me.

After approximately 90 minutes, John told Kevin that it was time to close the sitting.

Kevin then played three more songs, the first one being by Michael Jackson. As soon as

this song began, I felt someone step gently on my right big toe and then felt a hand

squeeze my right shoulder, then massage my entire right arm from my shoulder down to

my wrist several times. Whoever was standing on my big toe was wearing shoes and as

mentioned earlier, everyone present, including the mediums, had removed their shoes and

left them outside prior to entering the sitting room. I must add that I felt no pain in my toe

and had no intentions whatsoever to remove my toe from under this etheric person’s foot.

I must confess that it brought great joy to me and I would have been happy if my toe had

been stepped on for the entire duration of the sitting! I also felt someone flicking his or

her finger on the center of my forehead right at the hair line. Earlier in the sitting I

mentally sent a message asking if someone could run his fingers through my hair. This is

great confirmation for me personally knowing that they can read our thoughts.

        Several times throughout the sitting we all could clearly hear loud clapping from

different parts of the room. We also experienced wind several times throughout the sitting.

These were not breezes but fairly strong wind – strong enough to move my hair. At one

point, I could hear my neighbor, Marie, utter a sigh of  “ahhhhhh” as the wind passed

over us. We all felt it. It was fantastic. Both of the mediums were moved around in their

chairs and when the final song was over and Kevin turned on the light, we saw that a

large rug that had been in the corner of the room was sitting crumpled in a pile in the

center of the circle. I later measured this rug and found it to be eight feet long, and four

feet wide. I lifted it up and found it to weigh approximately 40 pounds.  This rug had

been levitated and placed on the floor just prior to the end of the sitting. Afterwards, we

all agreed that none of us had heard anything drop on the floor.

I cannot do justice in one short report to all the wonderful communication and

phenomena that occurred during this historic sitting. There was so much continuous

activity and so much clear verbal communication from guides from both mediums that it

made for a truly epic and unforgettable life changing experience. It was like a grand

house party with close friends reuniting, only some of the guests being visible and the

rest invisible. None of us wanted it to end.

I must say here that anyone who does not have at least a basic background and

understanding of the principles and fundamentals of physical mediumship is not likely to

find the aforementioned eye witness testimonial credible and probably should not be

reading this report. Throughout history, it has always been the ignorant, the uninformed,

the misinformed, and the close minded who claim that something out of the ordinary is

impossible. Consistently, it has always been those who conduct no investigation at all

who claim to be experts on something they know absolutely nothing about. My sincere

advice to those who are truly interested to find out once and for all about this greatest and

most important of all truths, is to read a book entitled: On the Edge of the Etheric by

Arthur Findlay. This book, which can be found on the Internet, provides a good

foundation on which to build. Once the person has that foundation, then begins an

exciting journey. A most exciting journey imaginable!

  For those who are knowledgeable, it is not necessary to elaborate on the security

precautions that are always taken. Furthermore, these mediums have been checked out by many brilliant people with many years of investigative experience specific to physical


Those who are advanced in their knowledge of physical mediumship, know that at

times on certain occasions, phenomena may occur that are and always will be

inexplicable due to the fact that the laws of physics and science do not always apply in

and when communicating with the afterlife dimension.

       After several hours of physical phenomena and spirit communication, if there is one

thing that cannot be explained, it is fool hearty to dismiss all of the evidence of the

sittings because one cannot comprehend how certain phenomena can occur.

Unfortunately, this happens occasionally and it is all due to ignorance.

Regardless of his or her beliefs, everyone alive on this planet today will one day be

taking a trip to an afterlife dimension of a higher vibration, imperceptible with our

limited five senses, that will last for eternity. It appears to me that it would be very

foolish not to make some kind of preparation prior to this most important of all journeys!

It is time to put aside personal beliefs, ancient religious superstitions, unproven religious

dogma and doctrine, and find out the real truth regarding what happens when we pass.

The evidence is out there and in very great abundance.

Furthermore, many of the greatest and brightest of all scientists that ever lived have

conducted extensive scientific investigations into physical mediumship and nearly all of

them have concluded that the existence of an afterlife dimension is real and that people in

this dimension can and do communicate with us through various kinds of mediumship. In

this case, we are discussing the most evidential form of communication – physical

mediumship. It is not necessary to reinvent the wheel over and over again when all of the

most serious and extensive investigations of physical mediumship have already been

conducted so many times in the past by the most qualified scientific investigators.

We are in the dawn of a new age of physical mediumship, with full materializations

in light on the horizon in the near future. This truth of survival cannot be denied. It has

been hidden, buried and suppressed, but truth can never be denied. This will spawn a new

age of reason and global enlightenment. This will slowly change the world and the way

we think. It is necessary for the survival of the planet and our species. The time has come!

Arthur Findlay once said: “It is the nature of man to think, to wonder, and to ponder over

the mystery of existence. Since man became a thinking being he has wondered about his

origin, and pondered over his destiny. Solve the mystery of death and we have gone far to

solve the mystery of existence.”

Dr. Ken S. is a licensed medical practitioner in New York State and for

professional privacy reasons prefers not to use his full name.


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