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Medium Warren Caylor

Witness Darren, Sue,Ann

To give absolute  proof the medium allows himself  to be both physically restricted and vocally restricted.he is seated in a closed cabinet, used for the purpose of physical mediumship. The room is in complete darkness this I am told is because the manifested energy created in the room,is effectively living and responsive this makes it very light sensitive.All that illuminates are some glow in the dark items to manipulate,again these are specifically for this purpose.

Physical mediumship is not only new to me but incredibly challenging,turning everything I believe to be right and sensible in the world utterly on his head! Darren had been witness to warrens team before,sue and I had no idea about what to expect.

The Music began we were instructed to be completely quiet for this part of the sitting,at the end of the first track a barely audible giggle came from somewhere in or around the cabinet.This got louder and louder until in a voice I have only ever heard the likes of created with the use of expensive computer equipment,we hear “hello” “Hello” Darren explained that this is a spirit boy called tom who works with warren,Poor Darren’s hand probably wondered if it was going to survive since I was gripping it so tight! it would seem Tom runs the show!.As the sitting went on there were bangs like thunder claps,and several other spirits Luther,Yellow Feather,and warrens grandfather Albert all spoke to us.A visiting spirit seemed to struggle coming through another was able to give me a message directly.

The toys given were played with and at times went all over the place! the loud bangs happened frequently right throughout .Tom seemed very pleased with himself at being able to knock on the wall inside the room, then knock from inside the kitchen telling us fully what he was up to.Warrens jacket was removed and thrown to us,the cushion he was sat on was placed on my lap,Toms voice asking if I could look after it for a moment!

We were all pleased when yellow Feather spoke to us, he congratulated us on our little circle incredibly he suggested that he could see Warren,Darren and sue working together in opposite corners of the room! I wondered if I had a place among them I didn’t have to wait long, I was told I’d be in the middle bricking it!!,this was hilarious and how fantastic that being dead doesn’t

Mean you loose your sense of humour! also that you are still incredibly perceptive!,Darren’s fingers at this point had begun to tingle from lack of circulation.

After much laughter the sitting drew to a close the final piece of evidence was with warren in his chair outside of the cabinet,still bound with one arm,and vocally restricted! disbelief and wonder filled my mind about what I had witnessed if warren had somehow fooled us,the amount of activity in that room would of caused him to be exhausted and a bath of sweat,not to mention a hideously hoarse voice,he was none of these. It took him a little while to regain himself and left me no doubt he himself had been on his own little journey.

The sanctuary began as an idea for self development,it’s growing to be much more than that,its a limitless opportunity.





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