July 11th 2008. Warren Caylor FREESPIRIT CENTRE

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July 11th 2008. Warren Caylor.

Venue: Freespirit Awareness Centre. Patchway.

Host: Bernie Scott.

Chris, Dave, Heather, Brian and Sandi attended this seance together. Neither Heather nor Sandi had attended a seance with Warren Caylor previously. Upon arrival at the venue we were asked to leave all personal possessions outside of the seance room. We were then searched to ensure that these rules were upheld, before being invited to sit in the seance room.

The medium, Warren, was restrained by rope, cable ties and gag, within the cabinet. One of the sitters checked the cabinet area and the restraints. All sitters were also offered cable ties and asked each to fasten one leg to the person seated beside them. This would ensure that no-one could move around undetected. The seance then began with a prayer and the music, from a standard CD player, was switched on. Before the close of the second track Rachel’s voice was clearly heard in greeting. Sitters responded to Rachel’s welcome. Rachel spoke by name to several familiar sitters, including Chris. She then encouraged sitters to sing along to the music to raise the energies. In fact Rachel joined in the singing and much laughter was shared!

Before long the trumpet was raised and span around, knocking on the ceiling several times before coming to rest on the floor. Then the slide whistle was played to several tunes from the ‘Hooked on Classics’ piece. The drums and mouth organ were also played. Again much laughter and further singing were encouraged by Rachel and Tom throughout this demonstration. Whilst the energy was high Rachel announced that she was bringing an apport for Bernie. She said that part of this apport would be found in the seance room, and the other part would be found afterwards, in the toilet! Following this interesting announcement, Luther came forward to chat for a short time, before Rachel returned to bring forward a youngster named Christopher and a small child whose name I have forgotten (Tim?). The two played within the room for awhile. Rachel then instructed Julie to adjust the lighting so as to enable a display of ectoplasm. This display was adjusted three times, each time following adjustment we could all see the strings of ectoplasm displayed within clear red light for a period of 8 seconds each time.

After this Yellow Feather came forward. He spoke with us, and then offered instruction for Julie to put on the white light. Again upon spirit guidance this was set very low, but enabled most sitters a clear view of Yellow Feather in fully-materialised form with light ectoplasmic covering to the lower part of his body. Whilst in this condition he spoke and walked across the room. My personal view of him was firstly, that as he walked towards me his materialised figure momentatily blocked the light before his legs became clearly visible as described. All sitters were able to see him with varying degrees of clarity at this time. Before he left he gave a demonstration of song and dance in Native American style.  When Yellow Feather had withdrawn Albert came fowards briefly, he also presented briefly in materialised form and stamped across the room, shaking the floor. before Tom again took centre stage. Tom played with shoes and tapped legs, pulled toes and tickled feet! In fact there was more than this going on, but we were unaware of that until the end of the senace when the lights were switched on.

The next demonstration was Tom playing with the CD player. He did this whilst Bernie held Julie’s hands, so as to prove that she was not touching the machine at all. After playing with the CD player, stopping and starting tracks and so forth, Tom then decided to take the speaker apart, saying that he was allowed to do this as it belonged to the medium and he had been told he could play with it! Finally and all too soon, after two hours of fun, the seance ended. When the lights were switched on there was a length of rope, which had been originally fastened to the medium’s chair as part of his restraint, laying across the floor with each end tied through a sitters cable tie, and along the length of the cord were threaded a rubber ring and drum parts and toys.  Bernie was apported a feather within the seance room and a few more feathers were found in the bathroom, a total of four in fact.

Once again, as with all of Warren’s seance, we were all delighted with the phenomena displayed and wish Warren every success for the future. We can’t wait to sit in seance with him again!

Following the close of seance myself, Heather and Dave were sitting downstairs when a lady aproached me. She told me how much she enjoys the web site and then offered encouragement for the progression of the Circle here. She spoke of the current negative attitude of those within the spiritualist movement towards physical mediumship in general.

She then told me that her son had died many years ago and said that two and a half years later she had attended a seance with physical medium Stewart Alexander. Stewart had enabled the physical materialisation of her son’s hand. She had been able to hold his hand, fully recognising its form and through this experience had felt the powerful awareness of knowing the truth of his continuing life and consciousness.

This lady said that she will never forget it and in consequence of her experience she fully supports and encourages the work that we are doing within the Bristol Spirit Lodge Circle towards the development of this type of phenomena.

Physical mediumship, which offers the potential for the development of such evidential physical phenomena can take many years to develop. I believe that Stewart Alexander sat for something like 14 years before manifestation began. It is no easy task and requires dedication and commitment. Once again, may I offer thanks and appreciation to Warren Caylor. May I also offer my appreciation to ‘our own’ developing medium’s Brian, Sandy and Jon…..and to any others who sit within our Circle with commitment, but whose abilities have not yet become recognised.


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