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Hi Everyone, just wanted to tell you all about my second amazing evening with Warren Caylor at the Guilbert Sanctuary on the 15th june. Well, where do i begin? Again Warren was cable tied with velcro straps around his wrists and both arms of the chair, his feet were tied together with thick rope, he had a large gag in his mouth and tied tighly at th back of his head and a pillow slip place over his head, such a lovely genuine man is Warren.

This time i was sat right next to the cabinet, which is very close to Warren, the evening started with an opening prayer buy Su, then music was played, after a few minutes little Tom came into circle to say hello and asked all the sitters how they were, such a wonderful soul is Tom, his humour is just overwhelming, Tom then asked Sue if she could turn out the lamp for a minute, immediatly you heard little footsteps in front of the cabinet dancing to the beat of the music, he then picked up a toy trumpet and started tapping it on my legs, he then asked me by my name if i wanted him to do anything else which i replied, can you play a tune on the trumpet for us all to hear,he then repled in a cheeky manner, Tanya you know that this is a cardboard trumpet dont you but ill see what i can do, the next minute Tom was blowing down the trumpet, alll the sitters could feel his breath while doing so, we all gave Tom an applause which i think he liked!!

He then carried on playing with the other toys which were all over the floor with illuminated stickers on for all the sitters to see his tiny hands when he picked something up, he lifted the table into the middle of the seance room and held it on the ceiling for a while before gently puting it back on the floor beside me. Next White feather came through and gave Ruth a very comforting message, he said that he had a member of her family with him, which he called by her name and said also that she had brought a black labrador through with her for Ruth, Ruth was overwhelmed as the labrador was her dog that passed onto the spirit world just one week ago.

Next Luther came through with his very loud voice, the vibration of his voice just shakes the whole room, amazing, and spoke to the sitters giving a few of them messages of encouragment. He placed his hand on the top of my head, his large hands completely covered the top of my head, he was very gentle. Luther then said that he was going to dematerealising the medium and gently move him round the room so dont be alarmed if you get knocked on the head by his arm, he then laughed, within a few minutes there was a gentle breeze and i can only describe what felt like a hand on my face which as i was telling the other sitters about, Luther them moved Warrens arm across my face so that i could feel his jumper, Warren was held there for a good three minutes, luther then said he was going to place Warren back in his chairs.

Well guys there was so much more to tell you about but little children needing my attention,.

I would like to thank Warren Caylor for the most amazing experience ever, the love, laughter, warmth compassion, i truly am blessed to have been given this opportunity again, so thank you Warren and your spirit team. And a big thankyou to Su Filer for also making the conditions possible for this amazing pheonomina to take in her home at the Guilbert Santuary.

Love and Light

Tanya xxx


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