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This is a testimonial for the event held at Montcabirol from Monday 18th june to Friday 22nd june. During this event there were 4 physical mediums present. Isabelle Duchene, Warren Caylor, Tom Morris and
Jo-Ann Marie. On monday we started off with a pre-sitting where the spirits welcomed us and told us that it would be a great week to come.
On Tuesday the first sitting took place where Isabelle Duchene took place in the cabinet. A wonderful sitting of approximately one and a half hours.
On wednesday the second sitting was with Tom and Kevin, which also lasted for two hours.
On Thursday the fifth sitting was with Warren Caylor, after this incredible experience we all had a break before attending the Fire Dance Ceremony in the garden, another mind blowing experience… listen to the recordings.
All above mentioned mediums are proven and beyond any doubt genuine, and gave a wonderful
demonstration of what physical mediumship is. All phenomena imaginable, direct-voice, levitation, apports, materialisation, it was ALL there. All the spirit guides from the mediums were very clear by voice and during the entire week the energy available has been wonderful and uplifting. Each spirit team gave a question and answer possibility, so we received many answers. On Wednesday after the sitting with Tom and Kevin we held a special Native American sitting for the Summer Solstice where all four mediums were in deep trance.
When all the mediums were in trance, all four spirit guides came through, together in the same sitting. Yellow Cloud, Red Cloud, Yellow Feather and Crazy Horse all talked through their mediums. For the first time in history, four Native American People who passed to spirit, descended to the earth planes
again, and through their mediums they had a private conversation amongst the four of them. Their conversation was to be heard by all sitters attending. To my knowledge it is the first time in history that such a thing happened in the world of physical mediumship.
It is an achievement that has been reached by the spirit teams and the sitters, all united. The energy was very high, for all the sitters and mediums it was a very intense sitting. Afterwards all people had to recover one way or the other to process the energy and the event itself.
Most people will probably not accept or have problems accepting the fact that four Native American spirits descended to the earth and talked the four of them through the mediums to each other. Yet the people who were present in this sitting are the people who will assure that this is true and genuine.It HAS happened, and anyone who does not believe has either not been present or denies the truth. The testimonials concerning the four mediums are genuine and correct, they the mediums are true and sincere.
If spiritual seekers ever get an opportunity to visit Montcabirol to witness physical mediumship in its purest and strongest form, it will be a lifechanging experience in the most positive and purest imaginable way.
MSc. Olaf van der Hoeven


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