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Testimonial of a séance sitting with Warren Caylor and his spirit team at Nikki’s Sanctuary of Love &Light in Corby. Northamptonshire

August 25th 2012

This is a true and accurate account of what I witnessed in the presence of 11 other sitter’s in my own séance room.

The evening started at 6.30pm with a discussion from Warren to explain the things that will be happening to him and the way he will be secured to chair by way of police type strap ties, once theses are restrained the only way to be removed are to be cut off, and the pair of clippers was giving to a Lady sitter named Chris. As all the sitter’s have sat before  in my séance room they already know of the room conditions, some have sat in the cabinet just to get the feeling of what it is like, everyone always stands up with a smile on there face and a great feeling of pure love and energy around them, Warren was placed in chair and secured by the ties, next a gag was tied around his mouth and a pillow case put over his head, all this at each stage was checked over by 2 witnesses of David Frost and Vince O’Neil, everyone was asked if they where happy with what had been done, all answered yes. I then removed the light bulb from rose fixing in ceiling and then Open prayers and protection where then said and then I was in control of the door, the lighting and the music, at the rear of seating which was laid out in a horse shoe arrangement, the seating consisted of 5 double bench type seats and 2 single chair, it was nice when Warren that will be a 1st if any levitation happened and 2 people raised together, now I know I do not have to change my seating as Medium was more than happy with séance room conditions, and later in recording to hear Winston Churchill say that I had no worry or concern over the séance room that everything was fine and was complimented by spirit ,which was a pleasure to hear.

The opening music Amazing Grace played  and into the 2nd song the sounds of taps could be clearly heard coming from within the cabinet, and this went on for quite a time during the sound of the music playing, a little while later the sound of young Tommy’s voice came through to introduce himself to everyone and to say a few kind words to all, everyone was put at ease and was asked by spirit is everyone enjoying themselves, is everyone happy, is any one scared and a loud response of NO, Yellow Feather came in next and introduced himself to everyone and again with so much love felt in his words and big thank you to everyone for being here to make this a wonderful night and that he could see in the group of sitters that everyone was there and they gave there lives to spirit, he was so honoured as  was everyone there honoured to hear them words given to them by spirit, next came Luther and with his distinguished voice he greeted everyone with much Love and with a lot of Jest in his words about his medium Warren, the jest of pure love for the man and everyone involved.

Tommy came back and he gave instructions all through the sitting of when to turn music, up, down, skip, mute, loud, soft, it takes off all the pressure from me, I am sitting there hoping not to cock up anything and all the time I was put at ease and could really relax and  enjoy the phenomena of what my eyes where witnessing, to see all this going on in my séance room was just out of this world, it will stick with me for years to come and  each time I sit there alone in meditation and deep thought my mind goes back to the night of seeing trumpets flying all around this room, whizzing around in circles at such speed, one minute they are tapping the ceiling, next second they on the floor tapping, then to the left side of the wall and 9 feet apart he next second on the right wall, one of the sitter’s named Jane had the pleasure of Tommy tapping the trumpets up and down her arm, on top of her head, and then to her amazement and delight the trumpets stopped direct in front of her nose, but not touching, later on she told me she was so touched by emotion that the tears of joy where flowing down her cheeks, when Tommy picked up the luminous plaque and everyone could see his small hand and fingers as the plaque was flying around just as the trumpets where, and another time when Tommy was touching David Frost, you could hear David answer to Tommy he was holding and touching his small little fingers, and when Tommy had found that I had put a bowl of Water at the rear of the cabinet and that was used quite a few times to spray everyone and cool them down, it was a wonderful thing for me to watch that happening. Everyone was just so overwhelmed  with the phenomena that they where witnessing I asked a few times during the sitting that everyone was ok and enjoying as was Warrens spirit team all through the night, it was wonderful to hear spirit say there was so much love in the room and that we all had to look after each other. Winston Churchill came through and gave a very short message to everyone and to thank us all and the energy we where giving, what an honour and he informed me that he was pleased with the séance room and he is looking forward to returning in a future date to have more time to have a chat, he was on his way as he was a busy man and had lot to do, it must be hard for him sometimes, all the circles sitting at 7 to 9 pm Saturday nights all over the world and all the spirits that give there time to call in and say hello and give reassurance to many circles around the world that spirit are near to us all, don’t forget they could just think of them selves and leave the vibration of the earth plane and depart further into there own development of spirit world, but no, they choose to stay close and come and visit lots of circle around the globe giving advice, love, truth, and guidance, We should be thankful that any spirit, whether  they be famous or any Tom, Dick or Harry, or Jane or Susan or Irene  or any loved one, it’s if they can communicate and can come through, they give there time, like we give our time to sit with spirit, we accept spirit to come, no matter who they are, if Warrens door keeper Luther lets them through to speak to us all, then we accept graciously. Tonight was no exception, we had 3 new comers that have not been through before and a Lady called Jenny calling out my name, I asked if it was the same Jenny, as from Jenny’s Sanctuary? As she has come through Warren many times in past, I will get confirmation at later date, as she  was struggling to talk, a spirit with the name Harry Price came and said few words, and 2 relations on Warrens side came to say his controllers  had to look after him.

Luther came through at the end to say it was very hot in the room and that it was time to come to a close and that when we put the lights on we would be seeing Warren with bits of clothing missing, I found his Jacket thrown over Heather and myself, Jane felt the pillow case drop on her, which she found out that was what it was when lights came on, In front of Julia’s feet was the cushion that Warren was sitting in at the start and we was told the they would be dematerialising matter through matter and Warrens right hand would be outside his ties and his left hand would have to be cut loose and that they where turning his seat side ways, but one of the best part of the whole procedure to me was when Yellow Feather was explaining that they had tried to show us some ectoplasm but the light was not of the right kind, it was not diffused and not to safe and that the torch was not strong enough as battery was on way out, Yellow Feather was tapping the bulb to explain to me, he said it was ok for the transfiguration, but not for the showing of ectoplasm, and he was tapping the bulb and telling me what I needed and then he just said hold on and in seconds he was unscrewing the bulb out of holder, gave the bulb to Jo and told her give that to Tom and that’s the bulb needs changing, I was left gob smacked, because I know to get the bulb out I had to turn it upside down so as the bulb was in down position to fall into my hand as was unscrewing, but he had it out in seconds and was being handed to Jo, is that not materialisation or what, when David was having his fingers touched  and he was feeling small fingers, is that not materialisation, what a wonderful night, to have spirit pick up water in his hands and spray out all over the room, to pick up a illuminating  plague and see a small hand and fingers spread out and flying it across the room for everyone to see, to hear voices, so many different voices with the medium tied in a chair with a gag tied around his mouth and a cover over his head, and to hear them voices, so different, accents so different, truly, truly amazing, what a wonderful night, and what a pleasure to sit in the company of so many loving, caring spiritual guides and the company of 12 loving harmonious sitters to make the whole night a wonderful and to sit with Warren Caylor who only wants to share and show the whole world that spirit is fir real, the real truth, the truth that life is eternal, and that we all have a wonderful journey in front of us all, and to know that maybe one day in the future we can give to the future circles our time and knowledge and love and come back and visit them, then we will know what it really like for spirit to visit Mediums and circles.

This is a true and accurate account of what I witnessed this night 2012 August 25th in the séance room of Nikki’s Sanctuary of Love and Light in the town of Corby Northants in the company of 11 other Sitter’s.

Tom Kerr


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