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It is almost a year since Warren sat in seance with the Bristol Spirit Lodge Circle.  I moved house five months ago and have needed to prepare the new lodge and settle down into a stable routine before inviting him to sit with us.  Tonight was a much looked forward to event.  I was also looking forward to meeting Warren’s partner Lucy for the first time. Tonight Warren and Lucy arrived at my home shortly before the séance began. By this time the others, who are all regular sitters within the lodge setting, had settled in and were chatting socially around the table in the house prior to going into the lodge.

The lodge is a new venue so I showed Warren around, staying with him whilst within the lodge. Knowing the sitters and being familiar with my perception of their energies I had placed name labels upon the seats, where I felt sitters might be best positioned. Whilst we were together in the lodge I asked Warren if he would prefer to change the seating plans, but he proclaimed himself satisfied with the setting.  Soon after returning to the house Warren indicated that he was ready to start the evening’s séance and all of us then proceeded into the lodge and took our places.  For those that are not familiar with this venue, the lodge measures 12ft x 12ft.   The chairs are positioned around the edge of the room, with the cabinet in one corner.  All chairs have elestic stretched across their legs, and sitters are asked to place their legs behind this, so that the space in the centre of the room, and around the cabinet, are left clear.  This is so that the trumpet and other ‘toys’ can be placed in the middle and won’t be kicked by sitters feet…which would negate some of the validity of evidential phenomena.

Witnesses listed as seated anti-clockwise around the room: Jon, Chris, Alison, Margaret, Richard, Darlene, Mandy, Pat, Tracy, Jerry, Lucy. Jon was seated beside the CD player with myself beside him. Jon and I had together agreed (upon spiritual guidance offered by the circle’s guide FC) that he should act as circle leader for this séance.

Jerry tied a waist tie around Warren and the back of the chair, securing this with several knots in front. He then applied the cable ties to Warren’s arms and legs, which were threaded through holes drilled in the wooden chair arms and legs. Finally Alison tied a length of cotton rope around Warren’s legs, using numerous bindings and knots to secure him to her satisfaction. Finally Jon tied a gag into Warren’s mouth and placed a bag over his head, before closing the cabinet curtains. Alison securing the ropes:

Jon then opened the séance with a prayer, before extinguishing the lights and effecting total blackout. He then started the CD player.  There were two lights available to be used. One being a red lamp that was placed upon the floor, beside Jon’s feet. The other being a tall lamp, with a white bulb and a dimmer switch, again this control was beside Jon’s feet. The single CD player was set to play a single CD. All other electrical sockets in the lodge were fitted with blanks. A battery operated digital recorder was placed, and secured, to the table beside Jon, which is also beside the cabinet.

The séance began, and within thirty seconds a couple of small bangs were picked up on the audio recorder. Soon after this a séance-familiar ‘suction’ sound was also picked up by the recorder. As the second piece of music played a series of very loud bangs were heard:

My husband, who remained within the house, which is a few yards from the lodge building, told me later that our house shook with the force of this! I felt momentarily concerned for Alison, who was seated beside me, as she had never sat in a blackout séance before.

Tom arrives:

Shortly after this Tom suggested that he play some music for us. We had placed a slide-whistle on the floor in the centre of the room beforehand:

Yellow Feather dances and writes on the blackboard:

What a wonderful World. Is this Satchmo himself?

A demonstration of physical phenomena using the plaque.  The plaque is a flat piece of card covered with luminous paint, upon which the dark hand of the materialised form can be placed so that can be seen in blackout conditions:

Helen introduces herself:

An hour into the séance the spirit team, managed by Tom, enabled a demonstration of ectoplasm. This gooey substance appeared linked between the Medium’s nose and ears, and was seen clearly within red lighting conditions by everyone present:

Jon’s hair being touched, then receiving a message:

At the time Jon was uncertain of who this communicator was as the voice was not very clear. The recording is clearer however, so he was then able to confirm that the communicator was Bob, his grandpa, who would often stroke the hair of his grandson. Tom came through just as Walter was leaving (he will return). Tom played around in the room. He wrote us a message on a sheet of paper, and laid a wrapped sweet onto the plaque. The sweet wrapper was sticky with ectoplasm: Yellow Feather holds something on top of Lucy’s head:

Warren is dematerialised from the chair whilst first myself and then Alison sit in the chair, which is levitated. Remember that this the very first time that Alison has sat in a blackout séance and her only previous séance experience was sitting once within the lodge within clear lighting as a witness of transfiguration:

Is this Sir Winston Churchill?  He first comments about us sitting in séance and missing watching the X Factor.  He then chats with Pat and Mandy:

The CD ends.  I advised Jon to start again, but ask him to skip the first two songs.  He struggles with the CD controls in the dark, until Tom (spirit child) takes over.   I then held Jon’s two hands to prove to the sitters that it isn’t ‘us’ touching the CD controls). Note that Tom is quite heavy handed with the CD player, but nevertheless manages to get it working!

Yellow Feather offers healing towards Margaret:

Margaret has a visitor:

Throughout the séance Tom played around within the room. Footsteps were heard, Jerry’s socks were removed and most of the sitters were physically touched by hands and fingers of varying shapes and sizes.  Walter came back to chat with us. He responded to questions posed by sitters and also suggested that we write questions on paper ready for the next séance. Quiet, but clear, communication:

End of séance. The spirit team explain what they wish to do: The séance lasted for over two hours. When the light came on Warren, trussed up like a chicken, bound tightly with cable ties and ropes, was laying on the floor in front of Jon. One tangle of cable ties were repeatedly tied into a bow, with the two ringed ends secured around Warren’s ankles. Jon was required to use cutters to release him. The blackboard displayed chalked messages from Yellow Feather.  “Wantatanka”, “You The Best”  and a smiley face.  Tom wrote “Thank You” along with some kisses, on a sheet of paper we’d placed l on the floor.

Altogether a fantastic evening, filled with incredible spiritual physical phenomena.  I very much look forward to spending eternity continuing to enjoy the ever-expanding social experience of working between the spirit world and the earth plane. 

Chris Di Nucci


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