Report of Warren’s seance: October 3rd 2009

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Report of Warren’s seance: October 3rd 2009

Venue: The Bristol Spirit Lodge Circle.

October 3rd 2009. A private Séance with Warren Caylor.

Whilst sitting within the house before start of séance there were numerous spirit knockings, too many to count. Many of these were tapped in time to music played, or made in response to our conversations. Later, within the lodge, Warren was firmly secured into his chair by Graham, who had not sat with Warren before. He tied a strong belt around Warren’s waist, cords around his legs, and strapped his arms to the chair with two cable ties to each wrist. A gag was finally tied by Belinda, who also placed a bag over Warren’s head (to aid the containment of energy). Finally the cabinet curtains were closed and Chris spoke her circle’s customary opening prayer before the lights were extinguished.

The séance began quietly, but not for long! Very soon knocks and thumping sounds, along with crashes and footsteps were only too evident. The séance was in full swing within 15 minutes, with Tom’s friendly welcome opening the evening of fun shared between those within the two worlds.

After Tom’s welcome he offered sitters a display of trumpet spinning, tapping the trumpet on the ceiling before dropping it rapidly to ground level before swinging up high again, spinning rapidly and shaking it to form artistic patterns in the air. He then picked up the whistle for a quick blast, before withdrawing temporarily.

Yellow Feather then came forward, his arrival indicated by heavy banging sounding upon the floor!

Rachel was the next communicator to welcome everyone. A demonstration of harmonica play, along with a lot of mystery sounds were heard as Rachel wrote notes on the paper supplied. Soon afterwards Jon’s chair was moved towards the centre of the room! Other sitters were touched, whilst Jon and Jeremy then had their socks removed!

After this fun period the voice of Louis Armstrong was heard to enjoy a shared sing-song with sitters  Rachel came through again after this, and handed round a ‘daisy chain’ made of cable ties that had been strung together (these ties were left unused within the room before the séance). How on earth the spirit team had threaded them together in the pitch dark we don’t know. Most of us have enough difficulty fastening cable ties in broad daylight! Rachel then invited Graham to witness the dematerialisation of the Medium…followed by his re-materialisation a few minutes later (again checked by Graham)

Tom returned and walked around the room, touching sitters, who felt his small hand. Shortly after this he offered a demonstration of an ectoplasmic hand…which was clearly seen by sitters in turn ‘Gary’ then came forward to give a message to Chris

When this communicator withdrew Tom requested the music and singing to be raised whilst the team demonstrated a brilliant light show. The lights were seen to light the cabinet, the ceiling and much of the room. Smaller lights, of hand-held ball size, were hovering and flashing all around the room.

As the séance drew towards its close Sir Winston Churchill’s voice was heard offering a valuable message to all

Finally, Tom came forward to request that the closing music be played, and warned us of changes the team had made to Warren’s clothing. In fact when the lights were turned on we all saw that his trousers and shirt were in fact inside out!

Throughout the séance, other sounds and knocks, crashes and thuds, taps and physical contact from materialised form were witnessed, aside from that which has been reported here. Also, the CD player was ‘taken over’ a couple of times with Belinda’s hands held by Jon and other sitter’s having their hands joined.


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