The dead came by Amager

by Jette Harthimmer on 05.03.2012 in COURSES & LECTURES

Is there life after death?

I’ve always been convinced. Without hesitation I can say yes. But I know for sure? Do I have any proof? Actually, I know it well until the day I die. As I said, there has never been any doubt in my mind, and after I last Saturday was a physical seance with the medium Warren Caylor so I am even more convinced. Grandmother welcome and well

I do not know how many platformsclairvoyancer I’ve been to where the media has been on stage and said something like: I’m an older woman. She wore glasses when she lived, had a small dog and was happy nature. Her name begins with K. Is there anyone in the audience who know her? She says that she is doing well, and ask me greet.

This could fit many of you who are reading my blog, so I have often missed something where I could get a physical proof, and I just love that I got from Warren. What he can tolerate no comparison with many others who call themselves media.  Warren is a physical medium, which means that when a deceased person comes through him, then all present in the room both see, hear, feel and experience him. These are only a few in the world who can. So it is a rarity. The media is bound and gagged

Marion Dampier-Jeans had told me about Warren and she recommended me strongly to meet him. So when I found out that he visited Denmark here in March, I signed up for. Only people who have experience with physical mediumship can participate. One should therefore security clearance in advance. This is because of the danger that the media expose themselves to.  I do not know what I expected, but I met up with an open mind and was very excited. The place was Hørning house in Amager.

After a brief presentation, put Warren in a big old heavy chair with armrests. His hands and feet were thick strips strapped to the armrests and chair legs. Then he gagged and got a sack over his head. In this way, he could not speak, move or move. This is done to ensure that no cheating. We were about 30 spectators and we sat close together in one big circle of chairs pushed up against the wall. No one could thus go around behind us. We were let into the room one at a time, and was on the way in. searched to ensure that no one had brought paraphernalia. When we came in, the door was locked. The only thing that was in the room was a small table on which stood a lamp and a CD player.  middle of the floor lay a trumpet , a bell, a harmonica and a luminescent plate. A Swedish couple had Warren been provided with a pair of pliers. This should be used when Warren was cut free after the session. It was their responsibility to care for it, and ensure that no one else got it.

Can you hear me?

Warren went very quickly into a trance, and soon after was heard footsteps running around the entire room. Very clear and sharp. Everything shook, and I must honestly say that at the time I had my heart sitting in his throat.  A man came over and talked wildly high. Almost shouting, but it was just his way of speaking. Can you hear me, he asked. All said yes.

There was so much during the 2 hours I sat there. More spirits came through, even several at once. Both adults and children. All with their own personality. The trumpet was several times by the spirits lifted and circulated in fast circles around in the air, which was rung the bell and played on his harmonica. One of the spirits took the CD player and put even the piece of music he wanted to hear, and sang on the song. At one point he took out the CD and gave it in your hand to a woman who was sitting to my right. Later he took the player and carried it into the opposite end of the room.  Two persons were allowed to physically touch the spirits – hold in their hands and got a kiss on the cheek.  Several were cuddled in her hair, which was created icy winds blown on us, made ​​light “show”, danced, sung for us and much much more.

Love and humor

The experiences were very physical, intense, direct and violent. It was not left anything to the imagination. Is there any wonder or is this not? No, no one was in doubt. All saw, felt and experienced the same thing. Here we got the ultimate proof that there is life after death.  All spirits that came through had a super nice sense of humor, while there were earnest in their words and messages but indeed all in love. The purpose of that they came to us was that they wanted us to learn and understand the spiritual world.  Spirits made ​​a lot of fun with us, and I was personally very happy. It took off energy much and took away the fear of the very special evening. Several times had experiences so strong that you sat and held my breath. In the short periods when nothing happened, you could hear every breath and just take a deep breath. The media got pulled clothes off

The last thing that happened was that the spirits levitated (lifted / floating) Warren and his chair so he was moved out of the room, and was placed in the middle of our circle. When the chair was lowered, it happened with a bang. They would tease him a little, and therefore had the dematerialized his shirt and got it tied into the strips that were around his feet. This, even though it was physically impossible for the strips were stretched all the way to, and can only be opened using pliers to cut them.

A lot happened, and I can feel that simply can not tell everything I have seen and experienced . It is simply too big, and all words and explanations will just be so vulgar and it’s not fair. It simply must be experienced.

Critics fake and scam

I have received many skeptical glances: Well Jette, what did you do on Saturday? Well, I saw a man being tied to a chair, gagged and sit with a bag over his head, while the deceased walked around and greeted us. What about you? So you X-Factor? Everyone has tried to convince me that it was all fake and scam. Did speakers, how about a good ventriloquist, cords in the ceiling, yes they have bombarded me with questions and really it’s probably logical enough. We simply can not accommodate or believe this, unless we ourselves have witnessed it – and even then, it’s quite a mouthful.

I was even allowed to examine the entire room before the session began. I was also allowed to tie Warren with broad stripes as police use. I have not the slightest doubt over the authenticity of the evening’s experience. I can not say anything other than go to his website and find out when Warren again hold a seance. He comes to Denmark, Norway and England. If you can be approved as a participant, sit in a physical circle with him and experience a real physical session with your own eyes.

There is hope

What have I gotten out of it? A bubbling joy and gratitude at having been so privileged to be allowed to be one of the few ever get to experience this. A deep inner peace of the certainty I now carry with me the knowledge that we all live on and that we all at some point again meets those we have loved and lost.

Warren Caylor

Marion Dampier-Jeans

Hørning house Amager

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