TONY ASHENDEN President of the JCPF Joseph Carey Psychic Foundation

Posted: December 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

A memorable evening! Thanks Su for setting it up and inviting me. Given that Warren had an over long trip from Weston Super Mare due to traffic problems -to then produce a séance three hours long jam packed with physical phenomena is truly astonishing. As a physical medium myself I know the real McCoy when I see one -and Warren fits the bill!

Some activity I’d like to mention in particular are

(1) when a trumpet gyrating strongly in front of me then moved to touch my wrist, it did so with a soft and firm touch. In darkness this could not be done by any person -only by a ‘force’ that had total awareness of the conditions present and with knowledge of exactly where I was.

(2) When the table was moved -it moved smoothly and with deliberation in concentric circles lowering and highering itself -then replaced itself on the floor without any noise -again this could not be done by any person in pitch blackness.

(3) When the lady Sue next to me and next to the cabinet was physically moved in her chair to a position in front of the cabinet entrance there was no sound at all and neither did it touch either me or any of the items (table, trumpets, rattles etc) that were strewn on the floor).

(4) Warren was secured to his chair by cable ties and his feet bound by cord which was also looped about the back of the chair -and if that was not enough he was also gagged. Yet in the course of the séance a number of communicators were able to speak clearly, though some were of faint voice, and appear to be speaking from in front of the cabinet. lights appeared that were acknowledged from all parts of the séance room. And if all this was not enough to convince the most sceptical of observers -when the séance concluded the cord that had bound his feet was seen to be interlaced about the frame of the cabinet complete with the knot that was tied at the beginning and the Velcro straps that were on his wrists to protect the skin from any rubbing of the plastic ties were no longer there -one was wrapped about the wrist of the lady Sue next to me, which she felt being tied by small childlike hands (Warren’s hands are big like plates of meat!) and the other round the topmost frame of the cabinet.

(5) And it might interest readers to know that many years ago I spoke with Winston Churchill whilst he was still in a coma preceding his passing -so to hear him again is yet evidence that he maintains an interest in our way of life. The prediction he made concerning a hidden pyramid in Egypt coming to light in the next one year is intriguing!

Having myself produced partial materialisation and trumpet phenomena and been witness over many years of direct voice, trumpet phenomena, apports and dematerialisation I canattest to the genuineness of this phenomena. Everybody sitting blended very well -so my thanks to Su and to Warren for such an interesting and spiritually uplifting event.


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