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Once again it was a great pleasure to welcome Warren Caylor into the lodge for a private seance. This evenings demonstration was witnessed by Christine, Pat, Richard, Nick, Travis, Syann, Sue, Lucy, Lee, Jerry. Chris and Jack.

This seance event was energy filled and inspiring!  The medium was seen to be well secured into the chair at the start of the seance, and was likewise at the end of the evening.  However…during the evening his chair was witnessed to be empty and cable ties were apparently dematerialised and then re-materialised.  The spinning trumpet, table levitation, solid-form taps and pats were felt and heard, manipulation of the CD player ( whilst Sue held Chris’s hands) and further phenomena that really cannot be appreciated unless witnessed in person.  In all the phenomena was much enjoyed by all those present.  On this occasion we offer the full seance recording for others to enjoy.

Full séance recording:  http://www.box.net/shared/5kd0llkkvn3ig2tkedc8

Clips taken from this full recording:

Tom: http://www.box.net/shared/27136trkojsn1u4jx95b

Luther: http://www.box.net/shared/q9t4ul7rm6qb6la24sq9

Yellow Feather: http://www.box.net/shared/8cgl6o1l8h8rg1iml028

Luther speaks to Sue and then supports Syann to walk across the room in the dark:


I personally invite feedback from witnesses on this occasion.  It is all very well for me to praise the venue and all that rises within it…it’d be good to hear what others feel and how this evenings experience might have affected them.  Thank You.

Chris Di Nucci


Chris (from Norwich):

Hello Christine, just a quick note to say thank you for such a warm welcome into your home and the lodge i had an amazing time, alan and pat were very kind too, I will go away now and digest what I have experienced and assuming I would be welcome return to see you again soon, thanx again to you and your team , Chris .

Sue (from Devon):

Dear Christine,

Thanks so much for inviting me to your home and to join the séance on Saturday. It really was an extraordinary experience and I was glad that I finally made the effort to join you all and to experience it for myself.  With all best wishes, Sue.

Jerry (from Bristol):

Hi Christine

I’ve been trying to think of words to adequately describe what I felt and sa, but it’s impossible really.  I was sitting next to the cabinet, so when I was asked by Yellow Feather to move in front of the cabinet I was able to do this quite easily, despite it being in blackout conditions at the time. When Yellow Feather asked me to feel the chair, where Warren had been sitting, he wasn’t there!  His chair was empty!  The spirit team had, they said, dematerialised him.  I found this hard to believe.  But Warren is a big lad and I was sitting right beside the cabinet, and no-one walked past me.  So where was he?

Yellow Feather asked me to feel the arms of the chair and to feel the the cable ties.  The cable ties were still intact, unbroken, and were still threaded through the holes in the chair arms. Three seconds later I was asked to feel the ties again.  This time they had dematerialised (gone).  Yellow Feather asked me to wait again, and then to feel the chair once more.  This time Warren hands and arm were back in place, I could feel the cable tie around his wrist!   I could not believe it!  But I had to! Then …quite suddenly…Warrens hand and arm vanished again!

This time I was told to sit in Warren’s empty chair.  That’s the cabinet chair where Warren would have been sitting.  As I sat in it, the chair began to move (the back was being pushed towards the front, with me on it). The chair stopped. Then I was asked to stand up again and to hold the arms of the chair.  The chair started to lift, it moved up to my chest and then pulled away!  How great was that. The chair moved back to the floor. I was still by the cabinet when it seemed that Warrens arm was hitting me on my arm.  It was as if the arm was damging from above my head.  Yellow Feather said that Warren was on the ceiling. 

I witnessed lots more phenomena.  I had a great evening and feel so lucky.  Whatever anyone else thinks, they should see for themselves, like I did.

Thank you

Nick (from Brighton):

….I’ve just about returned to earth after what was an amazing weekend with you guys and with spirit.

….Warren’s seance was spectacular and it was great that Syann got to meet and touch spirit in materialized form, she hasn’t stopped talking about her new best buddy Luther!!!

….Sunday’s experiments were even more enjoyable and it was interesting to see how well Lee’s energies worked with Syann putting more volume and control into her direct voice development. There was an awful lot of emotion in that lodge and when the Morning Star song came on I had to fight to stop myself busting into tears!!! I find it interesting how all your groups can mix and match their energies so well, each helping the development of the other, I get the feeling that Physical Mediumship development is changing and it’s getting easier now for different groups to blend their energies and for more than one medium to sit in the same circle, something which in the past rarely seemed to happen successfully.

….Then came my turn and I still can’t get over how powerful the energies felt sitting in your cabinet on Sunday afternoon, are you sure that chair isn’t wired up to the mains!!??!

….I’m sure we’ve both pocketed some of those energies and it’s going to boost the Mercury Star Circle’s development no end.

….Thanks for a fantastic weekend and I very much hope to be heading out west again soon, Nick.

Lee (from Bristol).  Note: Lee is a developing PM:

Thank you for the weekend it was great to see Warren again and sit for Syann on Sunday.

It was nice to hear the same noises as my recordings, so very interesting.

Sitting in the corner directly in front of the cabinet was an experience in itself! It was very very hard to keep awake! In Syann’s seance they took me down and I could feel the heat thing in my stomach and lower back, and my throat clogging up as if I was sitting in the cabinet myself.

Another thing I experienced was my jaw constantly chattering for at least 3 songs as if I was cold. I think dad (Jerry) felt similar effects. Again I get these feelings sitting in the cabinet. From my perspective…Warren’s and Syann’s seances were both a great! It’s all amazing!  Lee. Syann (from Brighton):  Note: Syann is a developing PM:

Hi Chris,

Well, I’m still ‘buzzing’ after the weekend! What an amazing experience.

I’m still struggling to comprehend the ‘fact’ that I had my hair stroked by Luther, a 957yr dead pre-Egyptian!  I can’t get over how ‘normal’his hands felt – just like human hands. They were warm, and skin ‘textured’ – not cold, or hard, or squishy! I’d say they were prehaps very slightly ‘clammy’ or damp…but other than that, they felt like ‘real’ human hands – BIG human hands – his palm covered the entire top of my head!! And his voice, when I must have been standing in front of him (as both hands were touching my hair), was well above my head (Warren is about the same height as me!). I’ve been trying to think of words to adequately describe the sensation of his touch. I’d say about that, the use of his hands – his grip was strong, definately. But I’d also say that it felt like there wasn’t ‘in fact fine’ detail’ to the hands…like he didnt have very fine ‘motor control’ – does that make sense?

When he ran his hands down my hair, and massaged the sides of my head, it felt like a ‘clumsy touch’…(Im not being rude Luther – honest!!). It was delicate – very delicate, but like maybe someone would do if they had a thick pair of gloves on that they couldnt feel through…it’s very hard to describe! Anway – it was amazing. The thing I later realised once I had ‘chilled out a bit’, was how difficult, if not impossible, it would have been to have walked anywhere in that room! I had serious trouble maintaining my balance as not only was it pitch black, but there was ‘stuff’ all over the floor. If I hadn’t have been holding Luthers hand on the way back, I would have fallen at one point…I think I stepped on some chalk! This makes me then think that there is no way anyone (as in a person!) could have been swinging that table around without seriously hurting someone!! Similary – the trumpet stopped right in front of my face at one point!  Incredible!!! And as for Sunday!! Brilliant! I had a great sitting. I’m very grateful to Lee, Jerry and Pat for coming back on Sunday to sit with me (Nick didn’t have any choice!! Ha ha!!) – it’s really appreciated – thanks guys! The energy in the room was really strong. I know I was a lot deeper than I have been before. Other than that, I can’t really comment! Ha ha! And it was great to see Jerry do ‘his thing’ too – the transfigured faces are so strong! And then Nick sat too after lunch – brilliant! I was knocked out for a fair portion of his sitting. I remember this ‘burning/heat’ sensation in my tummy area, then…gone! I came round enough to see a few faces! I’m so pleased you and Pat have seen them too! I wasn’t making it up – Ha ha!! I love the fact that we could all sit like this, I really do – it feels so ‘lovely’ and ‘right’! The energy exchange between everyone was fantastic, and so strong!! I cant wait till our circle sits again on Thursday!! I’m sure everyone will benefit from this weekend!! Hopefully see you soon! Thanks for organising it all!!

Syann  xxx

Pat (from Clevedon)

Hi Chris

I’m finding it difficult to add to all the previous comments about the séance on Saturday – it was yet another amazing experience -Warren has a very rare gift and I would like to see more people getting involved with the type of phenomena we all witnessed. I would also like it noting that I personally have complete faith in Gerry and the other sitters’ integrity and honesty – there were only two sitters not known personally to me before the séance and I don’t believe either of them could have manipulated any of the extraordinary happenings that we witnessed. Another thing – after sitting in the lodge for the séance – round the table, eating everything in sight- I felt like the other sitters and myself were more close – like we had a common affiliation and unity -not just because we have a similar interest. It seemed like more than that. If that makes any sense! Finally I’d like to add a massive Thank You to Warren, Chris and Alan for making this event possible!


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