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by Dr. Ken S. Two of the world’s most highly-developed physical mediums recently cametogether to conduct an experiment that, I believe, has never been attempted before, in the annals of physical mediumship. This experiment was the brain child of both Kevin Lawrenson, leader of the Yellow Cloud Circle, and John Campbell Sloan, main guide and control on the spirit side for the Yellow Cloud Circle. This experiment took place on Sunday evening, September 18, 2011, at 7 p.m. at the beautiful, spiritual oasis located in the south of France known as Montcabirol.  The two gifted mediums involved were Tom Morris, a highly-developed trance and direct voice medium, and Warren Caylor, a highly-developed direct voice and materialization medium. What made this meeting unique is that Tom Morris is an energy-based medium while Warren Caylor’s mediumship utilizes the traditional ectoplasm.  Energy based mediumship has only been used in physical mediumship for approximately twenty years and is supposed to be safer. Ectoplasm, on the other hand, historically, has been used since 1848, when they first started keeping careful records regarding both public and private demonstrations of physical mediumship. If the ectoplasm is subjected to light, the medium can suffer serious injury, even death.  Aside from Kevin, the circle leader, who presided over this experiment, there were only three other people in attendance for this private experimental sitting in which the attempt was to be made to combine the two energies and achieve materialization – Inge, who came all the way from Australia, Marie-Jeanne from the Netherlands, and myself from the U.S.

The room used for this experiment was 36 feet long and 36 feet wide with the ceiling being approximately 20 feet high and a hard wood floor throughout. Two large, heavy wooden chairs were placed approximately 10 feet away from each other and facing each other. I was advised that Yellow Cloud had instructed Kevin to position the mediums chairs on the points on the compass with Tom’s back facing north and Warren’s back facing south.

As we entered the room, Kevin instructed us where to sit. I was positioned next to Marie-Jeanne and directly opposite Inge. Kevin sat next to Inge, likely to balance the male/female energies. Tom sat in the chair just four feet to my right and Warren sat in the chair opposite Tom which was approximately eight feet from my chair. All of our shoes were removed and left outside prior to entering the room.  After the lights were extinguished, two songs were played and the first communicator to come through and speak was Tom’s main guide and control, John Campbell Sloan. He greeted us, spoke with us for about five minutes, and advised Kevin on how many songs to play and when to turn the red light on and off. The sequence was two songs in the dark, one with the red light on, one with it off, and again one with it on. The music that was played for this sequence was all by a legendary 1980s rock group called Queen. The lead singer of this group was a very popular and charismatic musician named Freddie Mercury, who passed from this world in 1991. One of the purposes of this experiment was to see if the guides of both mediums, using the combined energies of both mediums and the sitters, could produce a full or partial materialization of this discarnate personality in red light.  What I am about to report next, and as accurately as I can, is what I experienced and witnessed personally throughout this demonstration, which lasted approximately 90 minutes. Physical mediumship, being objective and not subjective, ensures that the phenomena that occur is experienced and appreciated by everyone present. It is the most evidential form of mediumship because it appeals to all of the senses. Hence, everyone in the room hears, sees, and feels the same thing. It is a spiritual feast for all of the senses. Immediately after Kevin put on the first song, we all heard very loud foot steps walking across the center of the floor. A few seconds later, Marie-Jeanne and I both heard loud footsteps directly behind us. Seconds later, both of these entities were dancing along with the music. This persisted for the majority of the sitting while the music was being played. About halfway through the first song, I felt a hand caressing my left knee, shin, ankle and foot for about 10-12 seconds. For me, this was a real kumbaya moment. The hand then proceeded to caress my right knee, shin, ankle and foot, again for about 10-12 seconds. This was an amazing thrill for me – actually being touched by one of the materialized spirit communicators. I have no idea who this was. When I asked John Sloan later in the sitting if he touched me, he jokingly made a comment something to the effect of, “No, it wasn’t me, I was never that way inclined, but that is something that Freddie would do.” This created laughter in the room and thus raised the vibration even further. People familiar with physical mediumship know that humor keeps everyone relaxed and happy and thus keeps the energy high, which enhances the communication and allows the phenomena to continue.


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