Warren Caylor visit 10/11/12

Warren Caylor visited the ‘Garage’ on Saturday 10th November 2012 to give a demonstration of his physical mediumship to the members of the Mercury Star and Mercury Light Circles.
This was Warren’s first visit to our séance room in Eastbourne.
I’d brought along the chair I use from my house in Polegate which is a lot more sturdy than the one we use in Eastbourne. (Warren’s team have been known to break séance chairs!!!)
We also used our own cabinet and set the room up much as we usually do with the addition of more toys in the centre of the room and no fewer than three trumpets. Warren also took three soft luminous balls into the cabinet with him.
Syann sat to Warren’s right and was in charge of the red light that was placed next to the cabinet. All the other lights in the room were either taken out or had their bulbs removed. I sat next to Syann and was in charge of the music using our player with Warren’s CD. Next to me was Tasha followed by Travis, Dan and Liz to Warren’s left.
Here’s our wonderful cabinet, actually a camping toilet tent with an extended front and black curtains fitted. The chair on the right is where Liz sat and you can just see Syann’s chair on the left.
Moving round to the right we now see Dan’s chair in front of the door covered by a blanket, Travis’s chair with the healing book behind it and Tasha’s chair. The lamp on the table was taken out of the room, the red light below it had the bulb removed and the other red light between Travis and Tasha was put nearer the cabinet.
Here’s the toys ‘n’ trumpets. On the left on the blue cushion is my recorder and I was sat to the right of it. The red light can now be seen next to the cabinet and was controlled by Syann. At the top of the pic is the rope, gag, pillow case and arm towels used to secure Warren.

I got the job of securing Warren to the chair.

I’d drilled the wooden arms and front legs of our chair to take plastic cable ties but Warren preferred to use his own rope on his legs which I tied to each chair leg. I used my cable ties around his wrists after Warren first wrapped small towels around his bare arms to avoid then digging into his skin. Then at Warren’s request I fitted a mouth gag with a knot behind his head and put a pillow case over his head.
I closed the cabinet curtains, returned to my seat, did the opening prayer while Syann turned out the red light and I put the music on.
Warren had asked us to sit quiet for the first tune then sing-a-long after that.
All the toys and trumpets with their luminous tabs on the floor looked like Blackpool Illuminations!!!
There were soon a few thumps from the cabinet and the three soft luminous balls came flying out landing at the far end of the room.
Then one of Warren’s arm towels landed on Syann’s lap.
Tom came through asking us to keep the music up high.
I was feeling colder and the atmosphere which had seemed misty at first became very dark.
Syann’s stomach was being pulled and pushed. It felt like something was moving around inside her stomach. This happened the last time she sat with Warren but has never happened sitting with anyone else.
The other arm towel landed on my lap.
Tom came through again and asked us to turn the music down.
He spoke to Syann, me, Travis and Liz.
He asked Syann how her tummy was feeling just as she was about to ask him about it.
Tom asked us to put the music back up and hold hands.
Syann felt a cool breeze.
One of the trumpets started to fly around in front of the cabinet then dropped in the centre of the room.
Then another one took off. It got very close to Liz but didn’t hit her.
We could hear the cabinet curtains moving. Syann asked them to be careful with our cabinet then it began shaking!!!
Tom said we could release hands now.
Yellow Feather came through speaking in what appeared to be a foreign language.
He then spoke in English, said ‘good evening’ then spoke to Dan…
‘Yellow Feather say to you, you have much light inside of you’
Warren was taken out of trance. It sounded like they were slapping him round the face!!! He spoke in his own voice. It didn’t sound like he had his gag on. Then Tom spoke to him. It was interesting hearing Warren and Tom talking to each other. (I asked Warren afterwards where Tom’s voice was coming from and he said it sounded about a couple of feet to one side of him) Warren reported feeling a child’s hand on his. Then Warren was knocked out of it again.
Tom announced he was out of the cabinet.
Syann’s stomach was still spinning.
Tasha’s stomach was also now flipping and turning over and she felt a burning sensation on the back of her head.
Dan’s chest felt tight.
I had a pressure on my head.
Luther came through and spoke to Syann.
He thanked everybody for the invite and said the room was very red. His voice sounded like it was coming from the ceiling.
A Michael Jackson track was playing and Syann could hear somebody quietly singing along to it in front of the cabinet. She said it sounded perfectly in tune (unlike us) and we could all hear fingers clicking in time with the music. I could just about hear somebody singing, so could Dan.
Tom asked me to start the song again and we all listened. You can just about hear the singing on the recording and at the end can hear the communicator withdraw back into the cabinet with a whoosh…
Did we just have Michael Jackson singing in our garage???
Tom asked us to turn the music down.
Then he spoke with Liz.
Syann’s feet were cold like they were in a block of ice.
Another communicator came through sounding like Winston Churchill.
He spoke to Syann and me.
He congratulated us all on our work and careful, gradual, progress and said we had a wonderful séance room and a wonderful circle…
‘Where you go from here of course is entirely up to you… stick together… work with the light… and we shall be behind you’
Liz’s chair was moved. It slid across the floor and she ended up with her back to the cabinet in the centre of the circle amongst the toys!!!
Syann had a touch on her finger. She could feel Tom’s little fingers.
Then Tom took the towel off Syann’s lap.
Liz had a feather like touch on her head.
Syann’s chair moved towards the cabinet.
Warren came back out of trance again. He asked if all was okay and Syann assured him it was.
Tom took him back out of it again.
Another communicator came through. His name was Red Jacket and he said he had communicated through Emily French. (Independent voice medium 1831-1912)
Tom came back.
Then Yellow Feather came back and asked Syann to get out the luminous plaque that was under her seat but decided it was too bright so she put it back.
Tom then asked Liz to sit very still.
Luther put his hands on her head and shoulder. He then asked her to stand and remove her jumper. He was going to try and put it on Warren.
Tom asked us to turn up the music.
Tasha felt a breeze from behind. Travis felt it as well.
Then Syann, Liz and I could feel a strong breeze from the cabinet.
Tom asked us to turn down the music then asked for any questions.
Liz asked how they make themselves physical to touch us and move things.
Syann asked why things seem to get moved by spirit outside séance conditions.
I asked about apports and Tom said he would bring an old coin into our room in a couple of weeks!!!
The temperature dropped.
Luther was back.
He asked Syann if she knew what was happening with her stomach.
She thought they were pulling energy from her…
Luther… ‘Pulling it out no… putting it in yes…’
Liz… ‘Is that some healing?’
Luther… ‘No… it is simply the work required that will enable a deeper state in years to come’
Luther asked for the music to be turned up. He then said…
‘I sing this to my wife… one of many… I have saved a spot for you my dear’
Syann… ‘Ahhh… I think I’m honoured!!!’
Luther then told us a little about his earth life before withdrawing.
Another communicator came through quietly.
She gave the name Melissa and said she knew all of us. She was with us each time we sat.
Then Arthur came through with a West Country accent.
He said he had followed the medium here and was originally from Yeovil in 1784.
He liked Tasha and said…
‘You’re quite a site to look at… I could sit here and admire you all day’
Warren came back again coughing and feeling dizzy. Then he dropped off again.
Tom asked us to turn the music up.
Liz felt she was being tied up.
Dan had Liz’s jumper land on him.
Tom told us he had tied some rope around Liz and it was also tied to Warren’s leg.
He then said he’ll dematerialize Warrens arm and tightened up the cable tie.
Warren and his chair were levitated and brought out of the cabinet.
Tom told us to put the red light on after the tune had ended and we’d heard the chair bang down.
Syann put the red light on.
Warren was half out the cabinet.
One of his arms was free with the cable tie done up to the chair arm and the other arm still had a cable tie round it.
His mouth gag was on.
The rope was now tied round one of Warren’s legs and also around Liz about three feet away.
Warren came back.
Once everybody had seen all this I released him.
I did the closing prayer.
Then we all went upstairs for refreshments.
Before going upstairs I took a couple of pics of the havoc caused by Warren’s team. Here’s where Liz’s chair ended up and you can see the rope still attached to it. That’s our music machine between my chair and Tasha’s.
None of the toys got played with but the trumpets all landed down the far end of the room after their aerobatics as did the three luminous balls which flew out of the cabinet.
Warren got a phone call from home to say one of his children was unwell so decided to head home.
He’d originally planned to stay in Eastbourne for the week for some experiments and to sit with our circles but said he would return another time for that.
After Warren had left Liz gave a healing prayer for his safe journey home and for his family.
I felt my team move in close as she was saying it and so did Syann who then became controlled by Clyde.
Clyde thanked Liz for the prayer and assured us that healing had been sent. He also said that each one of us and our teams had benefited from the séance.
I asked him about Syann’s stomach feelings that she gets with Warren and Clyde said we had been told all we need to know about that, he couldn’t add anything more…
Liz’s report
I am still trying to assimilate my experiences from the séance.
I am amazed at the sheer physicality of the experience provided by the non-physical dimension. The first phenomena I experienced were loud knocks and bangs coming from the cabinet and elsewhere in the room. Next I saw beautiful luminous orbs, very small but round, whizzing across the room, one after another. The light seemed cool and contained within the orbs. I saw several trumpets or toys with luminous markers to identify them, being whirled around in the air in the middle of the room, and one came right up to me and tapped me firmly on the hands.
I heard footsteps loud and clear running across the room, supposedly from the spirit identified as Tom, with whom I communicated.  I experienced thuds on the back of my chair, and I was moved physically in my chair around the room, skilfully through the luminous objects in the middle of the floor, without any sense of friction or jarring, as if the chair was sliding and pushed by invisible hands. I felt real hands on my head and ruffling my hair, and pulling my pony tail and loosening it.
I experienced the loud voice of the spirit identified as Luther above me, at ceiling level in the centre of the room, where I now seemed to be deposited. I was invited to stand and have my cardigan removed in an experiment. I felt a tall spirit behind me grab the hood of my cardigan, and gently help remove the cardigan from me as I pulled my arms from the armholes. The experiment was to attempt dressing Warren, the medium, in my cardigan. The spirit, Luther, observed that the cardigan was quite stretchy.  I felt hands on my head, like real hands, and a firm and gentle thump on my shoulder from a hand.
I felt real breezes of cool air rushing past me and around me. I heard and spoke with a small female voice coming from the centre of the room, and with other voices with different accents and intonation.
Early in the séance a spirit called Yellow Feather spoke in a foreign tongue as well as in English. It seemed that spirits could see us and identify us by our positions in the room and our clothing, including colours. They also seemed to identify our energy characteristics. I had a rope tied around my chest and the back of my chair by a pair of spirit hands, gently and considerately, so I was not worried by this, but just interested. I was asked if I was comfortable with this, and it was not too tight for me. It seemed that I had been tied and joined to Warren, the medium, by the rope that bound his legs, and after the entity had finished tying me, I could still feel tugs from the rope, presumably as Warren was being moved in his chair.
At the end of the séance I found that I was facing with my back to the cabinet, and towards Dan and Tash, and my cardigan was over the arm of Dan’s chair. Warren had his T-shirt over his head, and behind his head, but still with his arms through it, and bare chested. His left arm was free, and the left cable tie which had restrained this arm was now tightly pulled around the arm of the chair. His right arm was still restrained by a cable tie, and the tough cable tie had to be cut to free him. The rope that was tied around my chest, shoulder and chairback was attached to the leg of Warren’s chair.
I had heard Warren being woken out of trance, by his guides, several times during the séance, after they informed us what they were doing,  and in a dazed and confused voice, conversing himself with his spirit guides about what was happening. I was able, myself, during the séance, to ask questions and received intelligent and informative answers. All the spirit presences were very friendly and supportive, and behaved like friends to those who had already had communication with them, remembering their names, and calling them by name. At one point Tom, the child spirit, called me by my name, but got it slightly wrong, as he called me Lynn rather than Liz. But he knew where I was, and the clothes I was wearing A spirit who identified himself as Winston Churchill responded to my query to the other sitters, about how we should address him, after he had already finished communicating with us, by returning and letting us know that we could call him Winston.
I asked Tom how they were able to manifest with such physicality, and he replied that they were able to manipulate and focus our joint energies in such a way as to produce a very concentrated form of energy that reproduced the physical forms and forces that we were used to. He also said that each of our spirit teams were working with us to help to produce these effects.
In the intimate space of this small room, with just six of us sitters, and close proximity to the cabinet and objects, the physical contact was amplified and so outstanding and delightful that my respect for the effort and focus and intention that goes into this work  has increased greatly.  There was an overwhelming sense of friendliness and fun and sharing and caring. I look forward to our next meeting with Warren, and to continuing with our own work to develop our communication with spirit and provide survival evidence.
Liz Davies 12/11/12

Syann’s report

We had Warren Caylor visit the Garage on Saturday. It was a great night. Considering he’d been held up in traffic and on the road for 5hrs, I’m surprised he was fit to sit, but he was, and he did!
Nicks report pretty much covers what happened, so I thought I’d just report the ‘thing’s’ that validated the sitting for me. We’ve had much discussion recently within our circle about what constitutes ‘good’ or the ‘best’ evidence one can ‘get’ in a séance. I guess it’s one of the age old topics of conversation within the wider subject of physical mediumship that will just come up over, and over again! I believe our conclusion was that it’s such a personal thing, that one cannot generalise.
For instance, of all the ‘things’ I will mention that happened on Saturday, for me, personally, the one thing that absolutely nobody could have ‘faked’, beyond all reasonable doubt (for me, of course!) was that just like when I saw Warren at the Bristol Spirit Lodge about a year ago, I experienced the most crazy ‘sensations’ in my abdomen area. I haven’t experienced this with any other medium I have sat with.
I use the word ‘sensations’ as it’s the nearest/best way to describe it! It’s not just like a ‘oh I have a pulling from the chakra/energy area’. It’s like someone had their hand on my abdomen area and was jiggling my tummy around! The area was physically moving/vibrating incredible fast and pretty much continuously for the entire séance. At times, it was so intense I didn’t quite know what to do with myself!
This in itself is most definitely ‘something’. But to ‘validate’ it even further, at some point in the séance, I was about to say something about it, and as I opened my mouth to form the words, Tom came through asking how my stomach was feeling! 
So not only was I experiencing a physical ‘thing’ going on during the séance that no one could have been doing/faking, I had a Spirit come through who was perfectly aware of what I was experiencing!
I also had the opportunity to feel Toms fingers at one point as he gently grasped one of my fingers and then tickled my hand. I could clearly feel his fingers and to say they were a LOT smaller than Warrens is an understatement! They were also warm, and perfectly human feeling! In fact, thinking about it, they felt about the same size as my eldest daughter’s fingers, maybe slightly thicker – she’s 7!
Throughout the séance various phenomena were affected in black out conditions that, as far as I am concerned, unless you had night vision goggles on, just couldn’t have been achieved without ‘incident’.
One very obvious thing to mention is that all three trumpets were ‘flown’ and moved around the room incredibly fast at times. On several occasions the trumpets passed very close to my face, but thankfully without making contact. On at least one occasion, the trumpet stopped in front of me, and very carefully and precisely tapped me on my knees. Interestingly, I didn’t notice any sound or ‘drafts’ at all when the trumpets were ‘flying’. Yesterday evening, after Nick sat for the Mercury Light Circle, Dan, a regular sitter, tried to ‘mimic’ the motion and speed of the trumpets. In doing so, we noticed a lot of ‘wind’ was produced, but also a lot of sound where they were held. Also, it was physically impossible to create some of the movement we witnessed, such as the spinning motion we all saw.
Interestingly, again for me personally, was that at the beginning of the séance, one of the small towels what Warren had wrapped around his wrists ahead of the cable ties being used landed on me. I actually lay this across my lap at one point because my legs were very cold (another phenomena there that couldn’t have been ‘faked’!). Sometime after I had done this, the towel was very gently slid of my lap. Now given it was laid completely flat over my legs, ‘they’ must have taken it by the very edge as that was all that was ‘hanging over’. Not only would this have been impossible to see in black out conditions, but the movement of the towel was slow, careful, considered and very precise as I didn’t feel whoever/whatever took that towel off me.
Other points to make are the voices that we heard talking with us – very different, not only in the way that they sounded, but from the height from which they came from! Luther, for instance sounded like his head was jammed against the ceiling! Warren isn’t a great deal taller than I am, so just pretending for one moment that he could actually, somehow produce Luther’s voice (causing the vibration that goes right through you when he talks!), he would have had to stand on top of something to get high enough and that ‘something’ would have had to have been movable (in time with heavy footsteps) to get across the room!
As Nick’s report mentioned, we seem to have had a visit from, among others, Michael Jackson! Now, this is quite mind blowing for me. I’ve been intrigued by him for a long time and am well aware of all the conspiracy theories surrounding his death (or non-death depending on what you read). I was probably the closest to him. I head the snapping of fingers in time to MJ song that was playing first. Then I heard the cabinet curtains moving, and then I could clearly hear someone of light build sliding along the wooden floor….like if someone had some flat leather shoes on. I could hear very quiet singing that was note, pitch and tone perfect to the song, as well as all the breathing ‘noises’ that MJ would make whilst singing. I’m sure that has a technical term! The voice was moving with the movements I could hear, and for all intents and purposes, I’d say, that he was singing and dancing to his music! I have no reason to doubt what I experienced. I don’t think that Warren could have sung like that at all (!!), and in the nicest possible way, Warren isn’t ‘lightly’ built either.
The last thing I want to mention is about my necklace. Warren had to leave very suddenly after the séance had ended, so I didn’t really notice at the time, but, I took off my necklace ahead of the séance and left it upstairs in the lounge on the table. I took it off, and put it straight there. When I came to put it back on, I noticed that it wasn’t ‘hanging right’, but didn’t have time to sort it out. When I got home, I took it off, and realised that it was very tightly double knotted on one side of the pendent – that’s why it wasn’t hanging as it ought to. It took me about 10 minutes to undo the knot! There is no way that knot got there by itself and I know that it was not knotted when I took it off! I tried to double knot it myself, and I could not get the 2nd knot to sit over the first and I could not get even a single knot to tie as tightly as I found the double one! I blame Tom! Ha, ha!
All in all, I had a brilliant time and thoroughly enjoyed being amongst and talking with all the Spirit’s that came through!
Syann 13/11/12