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Once again it was a great pleasure to welcome Warren Caylor into the lodge for a private seance. This evenings demonstration was witnessed by Christine, Pat, Richard, Nick, Travis, Syann, Sue, Lucy, Lee, Jerry. Chris and Jack.

This seance event was energy filled and inspiring!  The medium was seen to be well secured into the chair at the start of the seance, and was likewise at the end of the evening.  However…during the evening his chair was witnessed to be empty and cable ties were apparently dematerialised and then re-materialised.  The spinning trumpet, table levitation, solid-form taps and pats were felt and heard, manipulation of the CD player ( whilst Sue held Chris’s hands) and further phenomena that really cannot be appreciated unless witnessed in person.  In all the phenomena was much enjoyed by all those present.  On this occasion we offer the full seance recording for others to enjoy.

Full séance recording:

Clips taken from this full recording:



Yellow Feather:

Luther speaks to Sue and then supports Syann to walk across the room in the dark:

I personally invite feedback from witnesses on this occasion.  It is all very well for me to praise the venue and all that rises within it…it’d be good to hear what others feel and how this evenings experience might have affected them.  Thank You.

Chris Di Nucci


Chris (from Norwich):

Hello Christine, just a quick note to say thank you for such a warm welcome into your home and the lodge i had an amazing time, alan and pat were very kind too, I will go away now and digest what I have experienced and assuming I would be welcome return to see you again soon, thanx again to you and your team , Chris .

Sue (from Devon):

Dear Christine,

Thanks so much for inviting me to your home and to join the séance on Saturday. It really was an extraordinary experience and I was glad that I finally made the effort to join you all and to experience it for myself.  With all best wishes, Sue.

Jerry (from Bristol):

Hi Christine

I’ve been trying to think of words to adequately describe what I felt and sa, but it’s impossible really.  I was sitting next to the cabinet, so when I was asked by Yellow Feather to move in front of the cabinet I was able to do this quite easily, despite it being in blackout conditions at the time. When Yellow Feather asked me to feel the chair, where Warren had been sitting, he wasn’t there!  His chair was empty!  The spirit team had, they said, dematerialised him.  I found this hard to believe.  But Warren is a big lad and I was sitting right beside the cabinet, and no-one walked past me.  So where was he?

Yellow Feather asked me to feel the arms of the chair and to feel the the cable ties.  The cable ties were still intact, unbroken, and were still threaded through the holes in the chair arms. Three seconds later I was asked to feel the ties again.  This time they had dematerialised (gone).  Yellow Feather asked me to wait again, and then to feel the chair once more.  This time Warren hands and arm were back in place, I could feel the cable tie around his wrist!   I could not believe it!  But I had to! Then …quite suddenly…Warrens hand and arm vanished again!

This time I was told to sit in Warren’s empty chair.  That’s the cabinet chair where Warren would have been sitting.  As I sat in it, the chair began to move (the back was being pushed towards the front, with me on it). The chair stopped. Then I was asked to stand up again and to hold the arms of the chair.  The chair started to lift, it moved up to my chest and then pulled away!  How great was that. The chair moved back to the floor. I was still by the cabinet when it seemed that Warrens arm was hitting me on my arm.  It was as if the arm was damging from above my head.  Yellow Feather said that Warren was on the ceiling. 

I witnessed lots more phenomena.  I had a great evening and feel so lucky.  Whatever anyone else thinks, they should see for themselves, like I did.

Thank you

Nick (from Brighton):

….I’ve just about returned to earth after what was an amazing weekend with you guys and with spirit.

….Warren’s seance was spectacular and it was great that Syann got to meet and touch spirit in materialized form, she hasn’t stopped talking about her new best buddy Luther!!!

….Sunday’s experiments were even more enjoyable and it was interesting to see how well Lee’s energies worked with Syann putting more volume and control into her direct voice development. There was an awful lot of emotion in that lodge and when the Morning Star song came on I had to fight to stop myself busting into tears!!! I find it interesting how all your groups can mix and match their energies so well, each helping the development of the other, I get the feeling that Physical Mediumship development is changing and it’s getting easier now for different groups to blend their energies and for more than one medium to sit in the same circle, something which in the past rarely seemed to happen successfully.

….Then came my turn and I still can’t get over how powerful the energies felt sitting in your cabinet on Sunday afternoon, are you sure that chair isn’t wired up to the mains!!??!

….I’m sure we’ve both pocketed some of those energies and it’s going to boost the Mercury Star Circle’s development no end.

….Thanks for a fantastic weekend and I very much hope to be heading out west again soon, Nick.

Lee (from Bristol).  Note: Lee is a developing PM:

Thank you for the weekend it was great to see Warren again and sit for Syann on Sunday.

It was nice to hear the same noises as my recordings, so very interesting.

Sitting in the corner directly in front of the cabinet was an experience in itself! It was very very hard to keep awake! In Syann’s seance they took me down and I could feel the heat thing in my stomach and lower back, and my throat clogging up as if I was sitting in the cabinet myself.

Another thing I experienced was my jaw constantly chattering for at least 3 songs as if I was cold. I think dad (Jerry) felt similar effects. Again I get these feelings sitting in the cabinet. From my perspective…Warren’s and Syann’s seances were both a great! It’s all amazing!  Lee. Syann (from Brighton):  Note: Syann is a developing PM:

Hi Chris,

Well, I’m still ‘buzzing’ after the weekend! What an amazing experience.

I’m still struggling to comprehend the ‘fact’ that I had my hair stroked by Luther, a 957yr dead pre-Egyptian!  I can’t get over how ‘normal’his hands felt – just like human hands. They were warm, and skin ‘textured’ – not cold, or hard, or squishy! I’d say they were prehaps very slightly ‘clammy’ or damp…but other than that, they felt like ‘real’ human hands – BIG human hands – his palm covered the entire top of my head!! And his voice, when I must have been standing in front of him (as both hands were touching my hair), was well above my head (Warren is about the same height as me!). I’ve been trying to think of words to adequately describe the sensation of his touch. I’d say about that, the use of his hands – his grip was strong, definately. But I’d also say that it felt like there wasn’t ‘in fact fine’ detail’ to the hands…like he didnt have very fine ‘motor control’ – does that make sense?

When he ran his hands down my hair, and massaged the sides of my head, it felt like a ‘clumsy touch’…(Im not being rude Luther – honest!!). It was delicate – very delicate, but like maybe someone would do if they had a thick pair of gloves on that they couldnt feel through…it’s very hard to describe! Anway – it was amazing. The thing I later realised once I had ‘chilled out a bit’, was how difficult, if not impossible, it would have been to have walked anywhere in that room! I had serious trouble maintaining my balance as not only was it pitch black, but there was ‘stuff’ all over the floor. If I hadn’t have been holding Luthers hand on the way back, I would have fallen at one point…I think I stepped on some chalk! This makes me then think that there is no way anyone (as in a person!) could have been swinging that table around without seriously hurting someone!! Similary – the trumpet stopped right in front of my face at one point!  Incredible!!! And as for Sunday!! Brilliant! I had a great sitting. I’m very grateful to Lee, Jerry and Pat for coming back on Sunday to sit with me (Nick didn’t have any choice!! Ha ha!!) – it’s really appreciated – thanks guys! The energy in the room was really strong. I know I was a lot deeper than I have been before. Other than that, I can’t really comment! Ha ha! And it was great to see Jerry do ‘his thing’ too – the transfigured faces are so strong! And then Nick sat too after lunch – brilliant! I was knocked out for a fair portion of his sitting. I remember this ‘burning/heat’ sensation in my tummy area, then…gone! I came round enough to see a few faces! I’m so pleased you and Pat have seen them too! I wasn’t making it up – Ha ha!! I love the fact that we could all sit like this, I really do – it feels so ‘lovely’ and ‘right’! The energy exchange between everyone was fantastic, and so strong!! I cant wait till our circle sits again on Thursday!! I’m sure everyone will benefit from this weekend!! Hopefully see you soon! Thanks for organising it all!!

Syann  xxx

Pat (from Clevedon)

Hi Chris

I’m finding it difficult to add to all the previous comments about the séance on Saturday – it was yet another amazing experience -Warren has a very rare gift and I would like to see more people getting involved with the type of phenomena we all witnessed. I would also like it noting that I personally have complete faith in Gerry and the other sitters’ integrity and honesty – there were only two sitters not known personally to me before the séance and I don’t believe either of them could have manipulated any of the extraordinary happenings that we witnessed. Another thing – after sitting in the lodge for the séance – round the table, eating everything in sight- I felt like the other sitters and myself were more close – like we had a common affiliation and unity -not just because we have a similar interest. It seemed like more than that. If that makes any sense! Finally I’d like to add a massive Thank You to Warren, Chris and Alan for making this event possible!


Report of Warren’s seance: October 3rd 2009

Venue: The Bristol Spirit Lodge Circle.

October 3rd 2009. A private Séance with Warren Caylor.

Whilst sitting within the house before start of séance there were numerous spirit knockings, too many to count. Many of these were tapped in time to music played, or made in response to our conversations. Later, within the lodge, Warren was firmly secured into his chair by Graham, who had not sat with Warren before. He tied a strong belt around Warren’s waist, cords around his legs, and strapped his arms to the chair with two cable ties to each wrist. A gag was finally tied by Belinda, who also placed a bag over Warren’s head (to aid the containment of energy). Finally the cabinet curtains were closed and Chris spoke her circle’s customary opening prayer before the lights were extinguished.

The séance began quietly, but not for long! Very soon knocks and thumping sounds, along with crashes and footsteps were only too evident. The séance was in full swing within 15 minutes, with Tom’s friendly welcome opening the evening of fun shared between those within the two worlds.

After Tom’s welcome he offered sitters a display of trumpet spinning, tapping the trumpet on the ceiling before dropping it rapidly to ground level before swinging up high again, spinning rapidly and shaking it to form artistic patterns in the air. He then picked up the whistle for a quick blast, before withdrawing temporarily.

Yellow Feather then came forward, his arrival indicated by heavy banging sounding upon the floor!

Rachel was the next communicator to welcome everyone. A demonstration of harmonica play, along with a lot of mystery sounds were heard as Rachel wrote notes on the paper supplied. Soon afterwards Jon’s chair was moved towards the centre of the room! Other sitters were touched, whilst Jon and Jeremy then had their socks removed!

After this fun period the voice of Louis Armstrong was heard to enjoy a shared sing-song with sitters  Rachel came through again after this, and handed round a ‘daisy chain’ made of cable ties that had been strung together (these ties were left unused within the room before the séance). How on earth the spirit team had threaded them together in the pitch dark we don’t know. Most of us have enough difficulty fastening cable ties in broad daylight! Rachel then invited Graham to witness the dematerialisation of the Medium…followed by his re-materialisation a few minutes later (again checked by Graham)

Tom returned and walked around the room, touching sitters, who felt his small hand. Shortly after this he offered a demonstration of an ectoplasmic hand…which was clearly seen by sitters in turn ‘Gary’ then came forward to give a message to Chris

When this communicator withdrew Tom requested the music and singing to be raised whilst the team demonstrated a brilliant light show. The lights were seen to light the cabinet, the ceiling and much of the room. Smaller lights, of hand-held ball size, were hovering and flashing all around the room.

As the séance drew towards its close Sir Winston Churchill’s voice was heard offering a valuable message to all

Finally, Tom came forward to request that the closing music be played, and warned us of changes the team had made to Warren’s clothing. In fact when the lights were turned on we all saw that his trousers and shirt were in fact inside out!

Throughout the séance, other sounds and knocks, crashes and thuds, taps and physical contact from materialised form were witnessed, aside from that which has been reported here. Also, the CD player was ‘taken over’ a couple of times with Belinda’s hands held by Jon and other sitter’s having their hands joined.


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It is almost a year since Warren sat in seance with the Bristol Spirit Lodge Circle.  I moved house five months ago and have needed to prepare the new lodge and settle down into a stable routine before inviting him to sit with us.  Tonight was a much looked forward to event.  I was also looking forward to meeting Warren’s partner Lucy for the first time. Tonight Warren and Lucy arrived at my home shortly before the séance began. By this time the others, who are all regular sitters within the lodge setting, had settled in and were chatting socially around the table in the house prior to going into the lodge.

The lodge is a new venue so I showed Warren around, staying with him whilst within the lodge. Knowing the sitters and being familiar with my perception of their energies I had placed name labels upon the seats, where I felt sitters might be best positioned. Whilst we were together in the lodge I asked Warren if he would prefer to change the seating plans, but he proclaimed himself satisfied with the setting.  Soon after returning to the house Warren indicated that he was ready to start the evening’s séance and all of us then proceeded into the lodge and took our places.  For those that are not familiar with this venue, the lodge measures 12ft x 12ft.   The chairs are positioned around the edge of the room, with the cabinet in one corner.  All chairs have elestic stretched across their legs, and sitters are asked to place their legs behind this, so that the space in the centre of the room, and around the cabinet, are left clear.  This is so that the trumpet and other ‘toys’ can be placed in the middle and won’t be kicked by sitters feet…which would negate some of the validity of evidential phenomena.

Witnesses listed as seated anti-clockwise around the room: Jon, Chris, Alison, Margaret, Richard, Darlene, Mandy, Pat, Tracy, Jerry, Lucy. Jon was seated beside the CD player with myself beside him. Jon and I had together agreed (upon spiritual guidance offered by the circle’s guide FC) that he should act as circle leader for this séance.

Jerry tied a waist tie around Warren and the back of the chair, securing this with several knots in front. He then applied the cable ties to Warren’s arms and legs, which were threaded through holes drilled in the wooden chair arms and legs. Finally Alison tied a length of cotton rope around Warren’s legs, using numerous bindings and knots to secure him to her satisfaction. Finally Jon tied a gag into Warren’s mouth and placed a bag over his head, before closing the cabinet curtains. Alison securing the ropes:

Jon then opened the séance with a prayer, before extinguishing the lights and effecting total blackout. He then started the CD player.  There were two lights available to be used. One being a red lamp that was placed upon the floor, beside Jon’s feet. The other being a tall lamp, with a white bulb and a dimmer switch, again this control was beside Jon’s feet. The single CD player was set to play a single CD. All other electrical sockets in the lodge were fitted with blanks. A battery operated digital recorder was placed, and secured, to the table beside Jon, which is also beside the cabinet.

The séance began, and within thirty seconds a couple of small bangs were picked up on the audio recorder. Soon after this a séance-familiar ‘suction’ sound was also picked up by the recorder. As the second piece of music played a series of very loud bangs were heard:

My husband, who remained within the house, which is a few yards from the lodge building, told me later that our house shook with the force of this! I felt momentarily concerned for Alison, who was seated beside me, as she had never sat in a blackout séance before.

Tom arrives:

Shortly after this Tom suggested that he play some music for us. We had placed a slide-whistle on the floor in the centre of the room beforehand:

Yellow Feather dances and writes on the blackboard:

What a wonderful World. Is this Satchmo himself?

A demonstration of physical phenomena using the plaque.  The plaque is a flat piece of card covered with luminous paint, upon which the dark hand of the materialised form can be placed so that can be seen in blackout conditions:

Helen introduces herself:

An hour into the séance the spirit team, managed by Tom, enabled a demonstration of ectoplasm. This gooey substance appeared linked between the Medium’s nose and ears, and was seen clearly within red lighting conditions by everyone present:

Jon’s hair being touched, then receiving a message:

At the time Jon was uncertain of who this communicator was as the voice was not very clear. The recording is clearer however, so he was then able to confirm that the communicator was Bob, his grandpa, who would often stroke the hair of his grandson. Tom came through just as Walter was leaving (he will return). Tom played around in the room. He wrote us a message on a sheet of paper, and laid a wrapped sweet onto the plaque. The sweet wrapper was sticky with ectoplasm: Yellow Feather holds something on top of Lucy’s head:

Warren is dematerialised from the chair whilst first myself and then Alison sit in the chair, which is levitated. Remember that this the very first time that Alison has sat in a blackout séance and her only previous séance experience was sitting once within the lodge within clear lighting as a witness of transfiguration:

Is this Sir Winston Churchill?  He first comments about us sitting in séance and missing watching the X Factor.  He then chats with Pat and Mandy:

The CD ends.  I advised Jon to start again, but ask him to skip the first two songs.  He struggles with the CD controls in the dark, until Tom (spirit child) takes over.   I then held Jon’s two hands to prove to the sitters that it isn’t ‘us’ touching the CD controls). Note that Tom is quite heavy handed with the CD player, but nevertheless manages to get it working!

Yellow Feather offers healing towards Margaret:

Margaret has a visitor:

Throughout the séance Tom played around within the room. Footsteps were heard, Jerry’s socks were removed and most of the sitters were physically touched by hands and fingers of varying shapes and sizes.  Walter came back to chat with us. He responded to questions posed by sitters and also suggested that we write questions on paper ready for the next séance. Quiet, but clear, communication:

End of séance. The spirit team explain what they wish to do: The séance lasted for over two hours. When the light came on Warren, trussed up like a chicken, bound tightly with cable ties and ropes, was laying on the floor in front of Jon. One tangle of cable ties were repeatedly tied into a bow, with the two ringed ends secured around Warren’s ankles. Jon was required to use cutters to release him. The blackboard displayed chalked messages from Yellow Feather.  “Wantatanka”, “You The Best”  and a smiley face.  Tom wrote “Thank You” along with some kisses, on a sheet of paper we’d placed l on the floor.

Altogether a fantastic evening, filled with incredible spiritual physical phenomena.  I very much look forward to spending eternity continuing to enjoy the ever-expanding social experience of working between the spirit world and the earth plane. 

Chris Di Nucci

Circle Outing. November 3rd. Warren Caylor.

This evening several Circle members (highlighted) attended a séance with Warren Caylor which was held at Wroxton Village Hall near Banbury.

The séance Circle described clockwise from the cabinet: ‘Ozzy’. Spare chair. Chris. Belinda. Helena. Alan. Pam. Dave. Lisa. Julie (controlling lights and music)Warren was seen (and checked by Alan and Helena) to be seated within the cabinet with his wrists tied with cable ties, his legs bound together with rope and with further rope and chains binding his body to the chair. Finally he was gagged. I can think of more enjoyable ways of spending a Saturday evening! The séance began as usual with music being played. During the second song sounds were heard from the cabinet area and the spirit child known as Rachel came forward to welcome sitters, many of them by name. Shortly after this another spirit child, known as Tom, came forward and gave a demonstration of trumpet spinning, drumming and harmonica play, with further exceptional use of the slide whistle being displayed later. He then moved around the Circle physically touching every sitter.

Chatting the whole time, he removed Chris’s shoe and handed this back to her (Chris feeling his hands upon her hands, arm, and leg during this process). He then did the same with Belinda. Moving around the Circle he touched Helena, and then moved to Alan. He tugged at Alan’s shoe before playing with the laces whilst he and Alan exchanged some banter. He then removed Alan’s shoe before banging it purposefully on the floor when told to be careful as it was new!  Tom continued around the Circle to touch Pam, then to remove Dave’s shoe before moving on to play with Lisa and Julie.After this Yellow Feather came through for a chat. Then another entity came forward and lifted the luminous plaque so as to display his hand, which appeared black upon the light background.

Pam was asked to stand to feel this hand, and did so, as did Alan and several other sitters. They described the hand as being firm, warm and natural to the touch. Alan further described the feel of the hand surface as being slightly loose, as if the ‘skin’ didn’t quite fit. Another demonstration involved both Helena and Pam being requested to walk forward to feel the empty Medium’s chair (which had been taken out of the cabinet by the spirit team for the purpose). Rachel later explained the process of dematerialisation to the Circle.

Warren was then returned to the chair and placed back inside the cabinet by the spirit team. At the end of the séance the cable ties were seen to be in place and the chains were still fastened with a padlock (the key of which had been held by Pam throughout). The highlight of the evening was when Yellow Feather returned for a demonstration of materialisation within the light. He moved the chair from beside Chris and sat upon this, then stood up on it, and was then seen (up to neck height) and heard clearly to walk around the Circle, touching many of the sitters and talking to them. He then moved further out into the room, passing through the gap left by the chair, and walked around the outside of the Circle patting each of the sitters on their heads. He then walked purposefully right across the room, and moved things that were situated within the kitchen area! Julie asked him to make her a cup of tea whilst he was over there!  As the materialised figure moved around; a shadow was cast upon the wall behind Chris and Ozzy. Alan noted that the shadow cast by Ozzy’s head was darker than that of the figure, perhaps indicating that the figure was less dense matter than Ozzy’s head (sorry Ozzy I didn’t mean it to sound like that!).

Two and a quarter hours later the séance closed with Warren seen to be firmly tied into his chair within the cabinet. After the close we all witnessed (and helped) as the cabinet was being taken apart, the CD, tape players and two lights were unplugged from their extension sockets and pond liners removed from the windows. All was packed into the car as welcome tea and biscuits were served by Belinda.Thanks to Warren and his team, both earthbound and in the spirit world, for an exceptionally enjoyable evening packed with evidential phenomena

A memorable evening! Thanks Su for setting it up and inviting me. Given that Warren had an over long trip from Weston Super Mare due to traffic problems -to then produce a séance three hours long jam packed with physical phenomena is truly astonishing. As a physical medium myself I know the real McCoy when I see one -and Warren fits the bill!

Some activity I’d like to mention in particular are

(1) when a trumpet gyrating strongly in front of me then moved to touch my wrist, it did so with a soft and firm touch. In darkness this could not be done by any person -only by a ‘force’ that had total awareness of the conditions present and with knowledge of exactly where I was.

(2) When the table was moved -it moved smoothly and with deliberation in concentric circles lowering and highering itself -then replaced itself on the floor without any noise -again this could not be done by any person in pitch blackness.

(3) When the lady Sue next to me and next to the cabinet was physically moved in her chair to a position in front of the cabinet entrance there was no sound at all and neither did it touch either me or any of the items (table, trumpets, rattles etc) that were strewn on the floor).

(4) Warren was secured to his chair by cable ties and his feet bound by cord which was also looped about the back of the chair -and if that was not enough he was also gagged. Yet in the course of the séance a number of communicators were able to speak clearly, though some were of faint voice, and appear to be speaking from in front of the cabinet. lights appeared that were acknowledged from all parts of the séance room. And if all this was not enough to convince the most sceptical of observers -when the séance concluded the cord that had bound his feet was seen to be interlaced about the frame of the cabinet complete with the knot that was tied at the beginning and the Velcro straps that were on his wrists to protect the skin from any rubbing of the plastic ties were no longer there -one was wrapped about the wrist of the lady Sue next to me, which she felt being tied by small childlike hands (Warren’s hands are big like plates of meat!) and the other round the topmost frame of the cabinet.

(5) And it might interest readers to know that many years ago I spoke with Winston Churchill whilst he was still in a coma preceding his passing -so to hear him again is yet evidence that he maintains an interest in our way of life. The prediction he made concerning a hidden pyramid in Egypt coming to light in the next one year is intriguing!

Having myself produced partial materialisation and trumpet phenomena and been witness over many years of direct voice, trumpet phenomena, apports and dematerialisation I canattest to the genuineness of this phenomena. Everybody sitting blended very well -so my thanks to Su and to Warren for such an interesting and spiritually uplifting event.


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Hi Everyone, just wanted to tell you all about my second amazing evening with Warren Caylor at the Guilbert Sanctuary on the 15th june. Well, where do i begin? Again Warren was cable tied with velcro straps around his wrists and both arms of the chair, his feet were tied together with thick rope, he had a large gag in his mouth and tied tighly at th back of his head and a pillow slip place over his head, such a lovely genuine man is Warren.

This time i was sat right next to the cabinet, which is very close to Warren, the evening started with an opening prayer buy Su, then music was played, after a few minutes little Tom came into circle to say hello and asked all the sitters how they were, such a wonderful soul is Tom, his humour is just overwhelming, Tom then asked Sue if she could turn out the lamp for a minute, immediatly you heard little footsteps in front of the cabinet dancing to the beat of the music, he then picked up a toy trumpet and started tapping it on my legs, he then asked me by my name if i wanted him to do anything else which i replied, can you play a tune on the trumpet for us all to hear,he then repled in a cheeky manner, Tanya you know that this is a cardboard trumpet dont you but ill see what i can do, the next minute Tom was blowing down the trumpet, alll the sitters could feel his breath while doing so, we all gave Tom an applause which i think he liked!!

He then carried on playing with the other toys which were all over the floor with illuminated stickers on for all the sitters to see his tiny hands when he picked something up, he lifted the table into the middle of the seance room and held it on the ceiling for a while before gently puting it back on the floor beside me. Next White feather came through and gave Ruth a very comforting message, he said that he had a member of her family with him, which he called by her name and said also that she had brought a black labrador through with her for Ruth, Ruth was overwhelmed as the labrador was her dog that passed onto the spirit world just one week ago.

Next Luther came through with his very loud voice, the vibration of his voice just shakes the whole room, amazing, and spoke to the sitters giving a few of them messages of encouragment. He placed his hand on the top of my head, his large hands completely covered the top of my head, he was very gentle. Luther then said that he was going to dematerealising the medium and gently move him round the room so dont be alarmed if you get knocked on the head by his arm, he then laughed, within a few minutes there was a gentle breeze and i can only describe what felt like a hand on my face which as i was telling the other sitters about, Luther them moved Warrens arm across my face so that i could feel his jumper, Warren was held there for a good three minutes, luther then said he was going to place Warren back in his chairs.

Well guys there was so much more to tell you about but little children needing my attention,.

I would like to thank Warren Caylor for the most amazing experience ever, the love, laughter, warmth compassion, i truly am blessed to have been given this opportunity again, so thank you Warren and your spirit team. And a big thankyou to Su Filer for also making the conditions possible for this amazing pheonomina to take in her home at the Guilbert Santuary.

Love and Light

Tanya xxx

July 11th 2008. Warren Caylor.

Venue: Freespirit Awareness Centre. Patchway.

Host: Bernie Scott.

Chris, Dave, Heather, Brian and Sandi attended this seance together. Neither Heather nor Sandi had attended a seance with Warren Caylor previously. Upon arrival at the venue we were asked to leave all personal possessions outside of the seance room. We were then searched to ensure that these rules were upheld, before being invited to sit in the seance room.

The medium, Warren, was restrained by rope, cable ties and gag, within the cabinet. One of the sitters checked the cabinet area and the restraints. All sitters were also offered cable ties and asked each to fasten one leg to the person seated beside them. This would ensure that no-one could move around undetected. The seance then began with a prayer and the music, from a standard CD player, was switched on. Before the close of the second track Rachel’s voice was clearly heard in greeting. Sitters responded to Rachel’s welcome. Rachel spoke by name to several familiar sitters, including Chris. She then encouraged sitters to sing along to the music to raise the energies. In fact Rachel joined in the singing and much laughter was shared!

Before long the trumpet was raised and span around, knocking on the ceiling several times before coming to rest on the floor. Then the slide whistle was played to several tunes from the ‘Hooked on Classics’ piece. The drums and mouth organ were also played. Again much laughter and further singing were encouraged by Rachel and Tom throughout this demonstration. Whilst the energy was high Rachel announced that she was bringing an apport for Bernie. She said that part of this apport would be found in the seance room, and the other part would be found afterwards, in the toilet! Following this interesting announcement, Luther came forward to chat for a short time, before Rachel returned to bring forward a youngster named Christopher and a small child whose name I have forgotten (Tim?). The two played within the room for awhile. Rachel then instructed Julie to adjust the lighting so as to enable a display of ectoplasm. This display was adjusted three times, each time following adjustment we could all see the strings of ectoplasm displayed within clear red light for a period of 8 seconds each time.

After this Yellow Feather came forward. He spoke with us, and then offered instruction for Julie to put on the white light. Again upon spirit guidance this was set very low, but enabled most sitters a clear view of Yellow Feather in fully-materialised form with light ectoplasmic covering to the lower part of his body. Whilst in this condition he spoke and walked across the room. My personal view of him was firstly, that as he walked towards me his materialised figure momentatily blocked the light before his legs became clearly visible as described. All sitters were able to see him with varying degrees of clarity at this time. Before he left he gave a demonstration of song and dance in Native American style.  When Yellow Feather had withdrawn Albert came fowards briefly, he also presented briefly in materialised form and stamped across the room, shaking the floor. before Tom again took centre stage. Tom played with shoes and tapped legs, pulled toes and tickled feet! In fact there was more than this going on, but we were unaware of that until the end of the senace when the lights were switched on.

The next demonstration was Tom playing with the CD player. He did this whilst Bernie held Julie’s hands, so as to prove that she was not touching the machine at all. After playing with the CD player, stopping and starting tracks and so forth, Tom then decided to take the speaker apart, saying that he was allowed to do this as it belonged to the medium and he had been told he could play with it! Finally and all too soon, after two hours of fun, the seance ended. When the lights were switched on there was a length of rope, which had been originally fastened to the medium’s chair as part of his restraint, laying across the floor with each end tied through a sitters cable tie, and along the length of the cord were threaded a rubber ring and drum parts and toys.  Bernie was apported a feather within the seance room and a few more feathers were found in the bathroom, a total of four in fact.

Once again, as with all of Warren’s seance, we were all delighted with the phenomena displayed and wish Warren every success for the future. We can’t wait to sit in seance with him again!

Following the close of seance myself, Heather and Dave were sitting downstairs when a lady aproached me. She told me how much she enjoys the web site and then offered encouragement for the progression of the Circle here. She spoke of the current negative attitude of those within the spiritualist movement towards physical mediumship in general.

She then told me that her son had died many years ago and said that two and a half years later she had attended a seance with physical medium Stewart Alexander. Stewart had enabled the physical materialisation of her son’s hand. She had been able to hold his hand, fully recognising its form and through this experience had felt the powerful awareness of knowing the truth of his continuing life and consciousness.

This lady said that she will never forget it and in consequence of her experience she fully supports and encourages the work that we are doing within the Bristol Spirit Lodge Circle towards the development of this type of phenomena.

Physical mediumship, which offers the potential for the development of such evidential physical phenomena can take many years to develop. I believe that Stewart Alexander sat for something like 14 years before manifestation began. It is no easy task and requires dedication and commitment. Once again, may I offer thanks and appreciation to Warren Caylor. May I also offer my appreciation to ‘our own’ developing medium’s Brian, Sandy and Jon…..and to any others who sit within our Circle with commitment, but whose abilities have not yet become recognised.