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Posted: December 11, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Report, physical seance with Warren Caylor in Denmark

By Marion Dampier-Jeans

The room was checked by two guests and a former magician so that nothing would be left to chance.

All the corners, chairs, curtains, windows and the cabinet were checked, and all jewels, mobile phones and watches were confiscated during the séance.

Even the two mediums Kai Mügge from Germany and Marion Dampier-Jeans were checked so that any kind of cheating could be eliminated.

One of the spirits who came through was a gentle and loving English speaking lady called Helen. The way she spoke to us was sincere and so dedicated that everybody in the room were touched by it.

Gently she told us, that she was happy to be in Denmark, and she thanked us for being present at the séance. At the same time she thanked Marion for her great efforts and dedication when working with Spirit. She also thanked her for taking the time to share her knowledge and wisdom with other people interested in working with Spirit. The Spirit World was very grateful for all her great work she does for them, and they were all very happy to be in Denmark among so many friends.

On Sunday two of Marion’s friends from Dianalund, Jane and Tommy came to the séance. Their families have been friends for centuries and sat in circles with the well known Danish Medium Einer Nielsen who died in 1965.

Sitting with Einer Nielsen in a physical circle convinced them that life after death is real, as they witnessed several dead family members materialize themselves, talking and touching them, and they even brought presents.

During a séance one night a young man received a red rose on his lap. After the séance he told everybody that it was his birthday.

No one knew anything about Jane and Tommy that Sunday. No one knew that they four weeks earlier had lost their 22 year old handicapped son. During the séance both of them were touched on their hands by their son… They knew it was their son, as they recognised his kibbled hands. Even though great powerful forces were used that day, everybody felt a great humility from both Hellen who spoke to Marion and Andreas who gently touched his parents.

After the séance, Marion said in her speech in Lysets Hus in Århus: “Imagine all the people walking about in the centre of Århus just one minute from here, busy with their every day life, blind to the fact that only a few meters away a beautiful little Spiritualist Church is located, and inside at this very minute Spirits are materializing, talking to us and expressing their wish to tell the whole world, that death does not exist.  Life after death has been proven”.

That week end gave us something to think about… Warren goes back to England and Kai to Germany. It is important to mention that two circles, Lysets Cirkel (The Circle of Light) in Århus and Hjemkomstcirklen (Homecoming Circle) in Copenhagen are in the process of developing this kind of mediumship. Great things are taking place in both circles and the time will come when our own physical mediums will work together and invite people with interest in this kind of communication.