warren Caylor physical mediumship and associated phenomina seance gilbert sanctuary portsmouth December 14th 2012

Thanks to jon for his words on seance here at Gilberts

On the evening of 14th December 2012 ten sitters gathered at Gilbert’s Sanctuary Portsmouth for a seance with physical medium, Warren Caylor
The medium was securely bound by two male sitters – both his hands with police restraints to the chair’s armholes, his feet tied together,with rope a gag put in his mouth and a pillowcase over his head. The cabinet curtains were drawn and then the red light switched off.
There was a small table with glow-in-the-dark fluorescent strips and a trumpet in the middle of the room and a few wrapped presents in front of the cabinet.
Various music tracks were played. The first spirit to announce his arrival was a small boy – Tom. He was followed by a Red Indian Guide, Yellow Feather (who reassured the sitters that the world was not going to end on the 21st December due to the fact the Mayans got their maths wrong), and Luther – a deep voiced Nubian, Winston Churchill…again telling us another pyramid will be found in the near future.. Gordon Higginson visited – a deceased famous physical medium from the past. At one point all three Tom, Luther, and Yellow Feather were talking to each other in a fast banter….
During these visits, the trumpet flew around the room as did the table in inexplicable fashion.
Tom’s small hand materialized and a female sitter was asked to stand and said she clearly felt her hair and back touched by a spirit. Su was allowed to touch the small finger on the materialised hand of Tom placed on her knee a small warm soild form…. Tom found the paint brush and bubble wrap under the séance chair and questioned its point!!! Ha ha…
It is important to state that the room was so small that it would have been impossible for Warren, who is of sizable stature, to have moved between the sitters without them noticing his presence – even in the dark. Quite apart from the fact that Warren was tied-up to the chair. Spirit removed the large cushion placed under warren in the seance chair onto the table which concealed the fluorescent strips….
There were many loud raps and bangs throughout.Huge breezes….
The xmas presents were heard to be unwrapped. Some contained musical toys that were played to the background music tracks. Drums, clap sticks, and recorder were a favourite…..
Also a box, hostess Su had concealed in the room, was found and opened. It contained a toy she had specified the description of to one other only….
Luther announced he was coming out the cabinet and his voice certainly appeared to come from different parts of the room – including high up by the ceiling.
At the end, Luther announced that as Tom has said!!All would be put into place now… the ties from the medium would be released one arm matter through matter… and when the light was switched back on the sitters all saw one tie had been used to tie the two curtains together.The rope that had tied Warren’s legs had been removed, despite the many knots, and left neatly tied round the box which had contained the toy.  Warren’s top had been partially removed.And a large hoola hoop at the back of the cabinet had been put around warren from the back of the neck over the chair arms  to below his abdomen…
All in all, it was a thoroughly evidential and great sitting and will long be remembered and marvelled at by those lucky enough to have witnessed it. Thanks Su for the opportunity to sit and experience this amazing event…… Jon Rolls…Christchurch

Warren Caylor visit 10/11/12

Warren Caylor visited the ‘Garage’ on Saturday 10th November 2012 to give a demonstration of his physical mediumship to the members of the Mercury Star and Mercury Light Circles.
This was Warren’s first visit to our séance room in Eastbourne.
I’d brought along the chair I use from my house in Polegate which is a lot more sturdy than the one we use in Eastbourne. (Warren’s team have been known to break séance chairs!!!)
We also used our own cabinet and set the room up much as we usually do with the addition of more toys in the centre of the room and no fewer than three trumpets. Warren also took three soft luminous balls into the cabinet with him.
Syann sat to Warren’s right and was in charge of the red light that was placed next to the cabinet. All the other lights in the room were either taken out or had their bulbs removed. I sat next to Syann and was in charge of the music using our player with Warren’s CD. Next to me was Tasha followed by Travis, Dan and Liz to Warren’s left.

Here’s our wonderful cabinet, actually a camping toilet tent with an extended front and black curtains fitted. The chair on the right is where Liz sat and you can just see Syann’s chair on the left.
Moving round to the right we now see Dan’s chair in front of the door covered by a blanket, Travis’s chair with the healing book behind it and Tasha’s chair. The lamp on the table was taken out of the room, the red light below it had the bulb removed and the other red light between Travis and Tasha was put nearer the cabinet.
Here’s the toys ‘n’ trumpets. On the left on the blue cushion is my recorder and I was sat to the right of it. The red light can now be seen next to the cabinet and was controlled by Syann. At the top of the pic is the rope, gag, pillow case and arm towels used to secure Warren.

I got the job of securing Warren to the chair.

I’d drilled the wooden arms and front legs of our chair to take plastic cable ties but Warren preferred to use his own rope on his legs which I tied to each chair leg. I used my cable ties around his wrists after Warren first wrapped small towels around his bare arms to avoid then digging into his skin. Then at Warren’s request I fitted a mouth gag with a knot behind his head and put a pillow case over his head.
I closed the cabinet curtains, returned to my seat, did the opening prayer while Syann turned out the red light and I put the music on.
Warren had asked us to sit quiet for the first tune then sing-a-long after that.
All the toys and trumpets with their luminous tabs on the floor looked like Blackpool Illuminations!!!
There were soon a few thumps from the cabinet and the three soft luminous balls came flying out landing at the far end of the room.
Then one of Warren’s arm towels landed on Syann’s lap.
Tom came through asking us to keep the music up high.
I was feeling colder and the atmosphere which had seemed misty at first became very dark.
Syann’s stomach was being pulled and pushed. It felt like something was moving around inside her stomach. This happened the last time she sat with Warren but has never happened sitting with anyone else.
The other arm towel landed on my lap.
Tom came through again and asked us to turn the music down.
He spoke to Syann, me, Travis and Liz.
He asked Syann how her tummy was feeling just as she was about to ask him about it.
Tom asked us to put the music back up and hold hands.
Syann felt a cool breeze.
One of the trumpets started to fly around in front of the cabinet then dropped in the centre of the room.
Then another one took off. It got very close to Liz but didn’t hit her.
We could hear the cabinet curtains moving. Syann asked them to be careful with our cabinet then it began shaking!!!
Tom said we could release hands now.
Yellow Feather came through speaking in what appeared to be a foreign language.
He then spoke in English, said ‘good evening’ then spoke to Dan…
‘Yellow Feather say to you, you have much light inside of you’
Warren was taken out of trance. It sounded like they were slapping him round the face!!! He spoke in his own voice. It didn’t sound like he had his gag on. Then Tom spoke to him. It was interesting hearing Warren and Tom talking to each other. (I asked Warren afterwards where Tom’s voice was coming from and he said it sounded about a couple of feet to one side of him) Warren reported feeling a child’s hand on his. Then Warren was knocked out of it again.
Tom announced he was out of the cabinet.
Syann’s stomach was still spinning.
Tasha’s stomach was also now flipping and turning over and she felt a burning sensation on the back of her head.
Dan’s chest felt tight.
I had a pressure on my head.
Luther came through and spoke to Syann.
He thanked everybody for the invite and said the room was very red. His voice sounded like it was coming from the ceiling.
A Michael Jackson track was playing and Syann could hear somebody quietly singing along to it in front of the cabinet. She said it sounded perfectly in tune (unlike us) and we could all hear fingers clicking in time with the music. I could just about hear somebody singing, so could Dan.
Tom asked me to start the song again and we all listened. You can just about hear the singing on the recording and at the end can hear the communicator withdraw back into the cabinet with a whoosh…
Did we just have Michael Jackson singing in our garage???
Tom asked us to turn the music down.
Then he spoke with Liz.
Syann’s feet were cold like they were in a block of ice.
Another communicator came through sounding like Winston Churchill.
He spoke to Syann and me.
He congratulated us all on our work and careful, gradual, progress and said we had a wonderful séance room and a wonderful circle…
‘Where you go from here of course is entirely up to you… stick together… work with the light… and we shall be behind you’
Liz’s chair was moved. It slid across the floor and she ended up with her back to the cabinet in the centre of the circle amongst the toys!!!
Syann had a touch on her finger. She could feel Tom’s little fingers.
Then Tom took the towel off Syann’s lap.
Liz had a feather like touch on her head.
Syann’s chair moved towards the cabinet.
Warren came back out of trance again. He asked if all was okay and Syann assured him it was.
Tom took him back out of it again.
Another communicator came through. His name was Red Jacket and he said he had communicated through Emily French. (Independent voice medium 1831-1912)
Tom came back.
Then Yellow Feather came back and asked Syann to get out the luminous plaque that was under her seat but decided it was too bright so she put it back.
Tom then asked Liz to sit very still.
Luther put his hands on her head and shoulder. He then asked her to stand and remove her jumper. He was going to try and put it on Warren.
Tom asked us to turn up the music.
Tasha felt a breeze from behind. Travis felt it as well.
Then Syann, Liz and I could feel a strong breeze from the cabinet.
Tom asked us to turn down the music then asked for any questions.
Liz asked how they make themselves physical to touch us and move things.
Syann asked why things seem to get moved by spirit outside séance conditions.
I asked about apports and Tom said he would bring an old coin into our room in a couple of weeks!!!
The temperature dropped.
Luther was back.
He asked Syann if she knew what was happening with her stomach.
She thought they were pulling energy from her…
Luther… ‘Pulling it out no… putting it in yes…’
Liz… ‘Is that some healing?’
Luther… ‘No… it is simply the work required that will enable a deeper state in years to come’
Luther asked for the music to be turned up. He then said…
‘I sing this to my wife… one of many… I have saved a spot for you my dear’
Syann… ‘Ahhh… I think I’m honoured!!!’
Luther then told us a little about his earth life before withdrawing.
Another communicator came through quietly.
She gave the name Melissa and said she knew all of us. She was with us each time we sat.
Then Arthur came through with a West Country accent.
He said he had followed the medium here and was originally from Yeovil in 1784.
He liked Tasha and said…
‘You’re quite a site to look at… I could sit here and admire you all day’
Warren came back again coughing and feeling dizzy. Then he dropped off again.
Tom asked us to turn the music up.
Liz felt she was being tied up.
Dan had Liz’s jumper land on him.
Tom told us he had tied some rope around Liz and it was also tied to Warren’s leg.
He then said he’ll dematerialize Warrens arm and tightened up the cable tie.
Warren and his chair were levitated and brought out of the cabinet.
Tom told us to put the red light on after the tune had ended and we’d heard the chair bang down.
Syann put the red light on.
Warren was half out the cabinet.
One of his arms was free with the cable tie done up to the chair arm and the other arm still had a cable tie round it.
His mouth gag was on.
The rope was now tied round one of Warren’s legs and also around Liz about three feet away.
Warren came back.
Once everybody had seen all this I released him.
I did the closing prayer.
Then we all went upstairs for refreshments.

Before going upstairs I took a couple of pics of the havoc caused by Warren’s team. Here’s where Liz’s chair ended up and you can see the rope still attached to it. That’s our music machine between my chair and Tasha’s.
None of the toys got played with but the trumpets all landed down the far end of the room after their aerobatics as did the three luminous balls which flew out of the cabinet.
Warren got a phone call from home to say one of his children was unwell so decided to head home.
He’d originally planned to stay in Eastbourne for the week for some experiments and to sit with our circles but said he would return another time for that.
After Warren had left Liz gave a healing prayer for his safe journey home and for his family.
I felt my team move in close as she was saying it and so did Syann who then became controlled by Clyde.
Clyde thanked Liz for the prayer and assured us that healing had been sent. He also said that each one of us and our teams had benefited from the séance.
I asked him about Syann’s stomach feelings that she gets with Warren and Clyde said we had been told all we need to know about that, he couldn’t add anything more…
Liz’s report
I am still trying to assimilate my experiences from the séance.
I am amazed at the sheer physicality of the experience provided by the non-physical dimension. The first phenomena I experienced were loud knocks and bangs coming from the cabinet and elsewhere in the room. Next I saw beautiful luminous orbs, very small but round, whizzing across the room, one after another. The light seemed cool and contained within the orbs. I saw several trumpets or toys with luminous markers to identify them, being whirled around in the air in the middle of the room, and one came right up to me and tapped me firmly on the hands.
I heard footsteps loud and clear running across the room, supposedly from the spirit identified as Tom, with whom I communicated.  I experienced thuds on the back of my chair, and I was moved physically in my chair around the room, skilfully through the luminous objects in the middle of the floor, without any sense of friction or jarring, as if the chair was sliding and pushed by invisible hands. I felt real hands on my head and ruffling my hair, and pulling my pony tail and loosening it.
I experienced the loud voice of the spirit identified as Luther above me, at ceiling level in the centre of the room, where I now seemed to be deposited. I was invited to stand and have my cardigan removed in an experiment. I felt a tall spirit behind me grab the hood of my cardigan, and gently help remove the cardigan from me as I pulled my arms from the armholes. The experiment was to attempt dressing Warren, the medium, in my cardigan. The spirit, Luther, observed that the cardigan was quite stretchy.  I felt hands on my head, like real hands, and a firm and gentle thump on my shoulder from a hand.
I felt real breezes of cool air rushing past me and around me. I heard and spoke with a small female voice coming from the centre of the room, and with other voices with different accents and intonation.
Early in the séance a spirit called Yellow Feather spoke in a foreign tongue as well as in English. It seemed that spirits could see us and identify us by our positions in the room and our clothing, including colours. They also seemed to identify our energy characteristics. I had a rope tied around my chest and the back of my chair by a pair of spirit hands, gently and considerately, so I was not worried by this, but just interested. I was asked if I was comfortable with this, and it was not too tight for me. It seemed that I had been tied and joined to Warren, the medium, by the rope that bound his legs, and after the entity had finished tying me, I could still feel tugs from the rope, presumably as Warren was being moved in his chair.
At the end of the séance I found that I was facing with my back to the cabinet, and towards Dan and Tash, and my cardigan was over the arm of Dan’s chair. Warren had his T-shirt over his head, and behind his head, but still with his arms through it, and bare chested. His left arm was free, and the left cable tie which had restrained this arm was now tightly pulled around the arm of the chair. His right arm was still restrained by a cable tie, and the tough cable tie had to be cut to free him. The rope that was tied around my chest, shoulder and chairback was attached to the leg of Warren’s chair.
I had heard Warren being woken out of trance, by his guides, several times during the séance, after they informed us what they were doing,  and in a dazed and confused voice, conversing himself with his spirit guides about what was happening. I was able, myself, during the séance, to ask questions and received intelligent and informative answers. All the spirit presences were very friendly and supportive, and behaved like friends to those who had already had communication with them, remembering their names, and calling them by name. At one point Tom, the child spirit, called me by my name, but got it slightly wrong, as he called me Lynn rather than Liz. But he knew where I was, and the clothes I was wearing A spirit who identified himself as Winston Churchill responded to my query to the other sitters, about how we should address him, after he had already finished communicating with us, by returning and letting us know that we could call him Winston.
I asked Tom how they were able to manifest with such physicality, and he replied that they were able to manipulate and focus our joint energies in such a way as to produce a very concentrated form of energy that reproduced the physical forms and forces that we were used to. He also said that each of our spirit teams were working with us to help to produce these effects.
In the intimate space of this small room, with just six of us sitters, and close proximity to the cabinet and objects, the physical contact was amplified and so outstanding and delightful that my respect for the effort and focus and intention that goes into this work  has increased greatly.  There was an overwhelming sense of friendliness and fun and sharing and caring. I look forward to our next meeting with Warren, and to continuing with our own work to develop our communication with spirit and provide survival evidence.
Liz Davies 12/11/12

Syann’s report

We had Warren Caylor visit the Garage on Saturday. It was a great night. Considering he’d been held up in traffic and on the road for 5hrs, I’m surprised he was fit to sit, but he was, and he did!
Nicks report pretty much covers what happened, so I thought I’d just report the ‘thing’s’ that validated the sitting for me. We’ve had much discussion recently within our circle about what constitutes ‘good’ or the ‘best’ evidence one can ‘get’ in a séance. I guess it’s one of the age old topics of conversation within the wider subject of physical mediumship that will just come up over, and over again! I believe our conclusion was that it’s such a personal thing, that one cannot generalise.
For instance, of all the ‘things’ I will mention that happened on Saturday, for me, personally, the one thing that absolutely nobody could have ‘faked’, beyond all reasonable doubt (for me, of course!) was that just like when I saw Warren at the Bristol Spirit Lodge about a year ago, I experienced the most crazy ‘sensations’ in my abdomen area. I haven’t experienced this with any other medium I have sat with.
I use the word ‘sensations’ as it’s the nearest/best way to describe it! It’s not just like a ‘oh I have a pulling from the chakra/energy area’. It’s like someone had their hand on my abdomen area and was jiggling my tummy around! The area was physically moving/vibrating incredible fast and pretty much continuously for the entire séance. At times, it was so intense I didn’t quite know what to do with myself!
This in itself is most definitely ‘something’. But to ‘validate’ it even further, at some point in the séance, I was about to say something about it, and as I opened my mouth to form the words, Tom came through asking how my stomach was feeling! 
So not only was I experiencing a physical ‘thing’ going on during the séance that no one could have been doing/faking, I had a Spirit come through who was perfectly aware of what I was experiencing!
I also had the opportunity to feel Toms fingers at one point as he gently grasped one of my fingers and then tickled my hand. I could clearly feel his fingers and to say they were a LOT smaller than Warrens is an understatement! They were also warm, and perfectly human feeling! In fact, thinking about it, they felt about the same size as my eldest daughter’s fingers, maybe slightly thicker – she’s 7!
Throughout the séance various phenomena were affected in black out conditions that, as far as I am concerned, unless you had night vision goggles on, just couldn’t have been achieved without ‘incident’.
One very obvious thing to mention is that all three trumpets were ‘flown’ and moved around the room incredibly fast at times. On several occasions the trumpets passed very close to my face, but thankfully without making contact. On at least one occasion, the trumpet stopped in front of me, and very carefully and precisely tapped me on my knees. Interestingly, I didn’t notice any sound or ‘drafts’ at all when the trumpets were ‘flying’. Yesterday evening, after Nick sat for the Mercury Light Circle, Dan, a regular sitter, tried to ‘mimic’ the motion and speed of the trumpets. In doing so, we noticed a lot of ‘wind’ was produced, but also a lot of sound where they were held. Also, it was physically impossible to create some of the movement we witnessed, such as the spinning motion we all saw.
Interestingly, again for me personally, was that at the beginning of the séance, one of the small towels what Warren had wrapped around his wrists ahead of the cable ties being used landed on me. I actually lay this across my lap at one point because my legs were very cold (another phenomena there that couldn’t have been ‘faked’!). Sometime after I had done this, the towel was very gently slid of my lap. Now given it was laid completely flat over my legs, ‘they’ must have taken it by the very edge as that was all that was ‘hanging over’. Not only would this have been impossible to see in black out conditions, but the movement of the towel was slow, careful, considered and very precise as I didn’t feel whoever/whatever took that towel off me.
Other points to make are the voices that we heard talking with us – very different, not only in the way that they sounded, but from the height from which they came from! Luther, for instance sounded like his head was jammed against the ceiling! Warren isn’t a great deal taller than I am, so just pretending for one moment that he could actually, somehow produce Luther’s voice (causing the vibration that goes right through you when he talks!), he would have had to stand on top of something to get high enough and that ‘something’ would have had to have been movable (in time with heavy footsteps) to get across the room!
As Nick’s report mentioned, we seem to have had a visit from, among others, Michael Jackson! Now, this is quite mind blowing for me. I’ve been intrigued by him for a long time and am well aware of all the conspiracy theories surrounding his death (or non-death depending on what you read). I was probably the closest to him. I head the snapping of fingers in time to MJ song that was playing first. Then I heard the cabinet curtains moving, and then I could clearly hear someone of light build sliding along the wooden floor….like if someone had some flat leather shoes on. I could hear very quiet singing that was note, pitch and tone perfect to the song, as well as all the breathing ‘noises’ that MJ would make whilst singing. I’m sure that has a technical term! The voice was moving with the movements I could hear, and for all intents and purposes, I’d say, that he was singing and dancing to his music! I have no reason to doubt what I experienced. I don’t think that Warren could have sung like that at all (!!), and in the nicest possible way, Warren isn’t ‘lightly’ built either.
The last thing I want to mention is about my necklace. Warren had to leave very suddenly after the séance had ended, so I didn’t really notice at the time, but, I took off my necklace ahead of the séance and left it upstairs in the lounge on the table. I took it off, and put it straight there. When I came to put it back on, I noticed that it wasn’t ‘hanging right’, but didn’t have time to sort it out. When I got home, I took it off, and realised that it was very tightly double knotted on one side of the pendent – that’s why it wasn’t hanging as it ought to. It took me about 10 minutes to undo the knot! There is no way that knot got there by itself and I know that it was not knotted when I took it off! I tried to double knot it myself, and I could not get the 2nd knot to sit over the first and I could not get even a single knot to tie as tightly as I found the double one! I blame Tom! Ha, ha!
All in all, I had a brilliant time and thoroughly enjoyed being amongst and talking with all the Spirit’s that came through!
Syann 13/11/12


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by Dr. Ken S. Two of the world’s most highly-developed physical mediums recently cametogether to conduct an experiment that, I believe, has never been attempted before, in the annals of physical mediumship. This experiment was the brain child of both Kevin Lawrenson, leader of the Yellow Cloud Circle, and John Campbell Sloan, main guide and control on the spirit side for the Yellow Cloud Circle. This experiment took place on Sunday evening, September 18, 2011, at 7 p.m. at the beautiful, spiritual oasis located in the south of France known as Montcabirol.  The two gifted mediums involved were Tom Morris, a highly-developed trance and direct voice medium, and Warren Caylor, a highly-developed direct voice and materialization medium. What made this meeting unique is that Tom Morris is an energy-based medium while Warren Caylor’s mediumship utilizes the traditional ectoplasm.  Energy based mediumship has only been used in physical mediumship for approximately twenty years and is supposed to be safer. Ectoplasm, on the other hand, historically, has been used since 1848, when they first started keeping careful records regarding both public and private demonstrations of physical mediumship. If the ectoplasm is subjected to light, the medium can suffer serious injury, even death.  Aside from Kevin, the circle leader, who presided over this experiment, there were only three other people in attendance for this private experimental sitting in which the attempt was to be made to combine the two energies and achieve materialization – Inge, who came all the way from Australia, Marie-Jeanne from the Netherlands, and myself from the U.S.

The room used for this experiment was 36 feet long and 36 feet wide with the ceiling being approximately 20 feet high and a hard wood floor throughout. Two large, heavy wooden chairs were placed approximately 10 feet away from each other and facing each other. I was advised that Yellow Cloud had instructed Kevin to position the mediums chairs on the points on the compass with Tom’s back facing north and Warren’s back facing south.

As we entered the room, Kevin instructed us where to sit. I was positioned next to Marie-Jeanne and directly opposite Inge. Kevin sat next to Inge, likely to balance the male/female energies. Tom sat in the chair just four feet to my right and Warren sat in the chair opposite Tom which was approximately eight feet from my chair. All of our shoes were removed and left outside prior to entering the room.  After the lights were extinguished, two songs were played and the first communicator to come through and speak was Tom’s main guide and control, John Campbell Sloan. He greeted us, spoke with us for about five minutes, and advised Kevin on how many songs to play and when to turn the red light on and off. The sequence was two songs in the dark, one with the red light on, one with it off, and again one with it on. The music that was played for this sequence was all by a legendary 1980s rock group called Queen. The lead singer of this group was a very popular and charismatic musician named Freddie Mercury, who passed from this world in 1991. One of the purposes of this experiment was to see if the guides of both mediums, using the combined energies of both mediums and the sitters, could produce a full or partial materialization of this discarnate personality in red light.  What I am about to report next, and as accurately as I can, is what I experienced and witnessed personally throughout this demonstration, which lasted approximately 90 minutes. Physical mediumship, being objective and not subjective, ensures that the phenomena that occur is experienced and appreciated by everyone present. It is the most evidential form of mediumship because it appeals to all of the senses. Hence, everyone in the room hears, sees, and feels the same thing. It is a spiritual feast for all of the senses. Immediately after Kevin put on the first song, we all heard very loud foot steps walking across the center of the floor. A few seconds later, Marie-Jeanne and I both heard loud footsteps directly behind us. Seconds later, both of these entities were dancing along with the music. This persisted for the majority of the sitting while the music was being played. About halfway through the first song, I felt a hand caressing my left knee, shin, ankle and foot for about 10-12 seconds. For me, this was a real kumbaya moment. The hand then proceeded to caress my right knee, shin, ankle and foot, again for about 10-12 seconds. This was an amazing thrill for me – actually being touched by one of the materialized spirit communicators. I have no idea who this was. When I asked John Sloan later in the sitting if he touched me, he jokingly made a comment something to the effect of, “No, it wasn’t me, I was never that way inclined, but that is something that Freddie would do.” This created laughter in the room and thus raised the vibration even further. People familiar with physical mediumship know that humor keeps everyone relaxed and happy and thus keeps the energy high, which enhances the communication and allows the phenomena to continue.

Warren Caylor Visit – 2012

October 16, 2012 by

Date: October 12th 2012

Designated Medium – Warren Caylor – Physical Mediumship

Witnesses / Sitters – Ann, Sue, Darren

Conditions – The Sancturay – Blackout / Red light

Report By Ann,

To give absolute proof the medium allows himself to be both physically restricted and vocally restricted, he is seated in a closed cabinet, used for the purpose of physical mediumship. The room is in complete darkness this I am told is because the manifested energy created in the room is effectively living and responsive this makes it very light sensitive. All that illuminates are some glow in the dark items to manipulate, again these are specifically for this purpose.

Physical mediumship is not only new to me but incredibly challenging, turning everything I believe to be right and sensible in the world utterly on his head! Darren had been witness to warrens team before, Sue and I had no idea about what to expect.

The Music began we were instructed to be completely quiet for this part of the sitting, at the end of the first track a barely audible giggle came from somewhere in or around the cabinet. This got louder and louder until in a voice I have only ever heard the likes of created with the use of expensive computer equipment, we hear “hello” “Hello” Darren explained that this is a spirit boy called Tom who works with Warren. Poor Darren’s hand probably wondered if it was going to survive since I was gripping it so tight! it would seem Tom runs the show! As the sitting went on there were bangs like thunder claps, and several other spirits Luther, Yellow Feather and Warrens grandfather Albert all spoke to us. A visiting spirit seemed to struggle coming through another was able to give me a message directly.

The toys given were played with and at times went all over the place! the loud bangs happened frequently right throughout . Tom seemed very pleased with himself at being able to knock on the wall inside the room, then knock from inside the kitchen telling us fully what he was up to. Warrens jacket was removed and thrown to us,the cushion he was sat on was placed on my lap, Toms voice asking if I could look after it for a moment!

We were all pleased when yellow Feather spoke to us, he congratulated us on our little circle incredibly he suggested that he could see Warren, Darren and Sue working together in opposite corners of the room!  I wondered if I had a place among them I didn’t have to wait long, I was told I’d be in the middle bricking it!!, this was hilarious and how fantastic that being dead doesn’t mean you loose your sense of humour! also that you are still incredibly perceptive! Darren’s fingers at this point had begun to tingle from lack of circulation.

After much laughter the sitting drew to a close the final piece of evidence was with Warren in his chair outside of the cabinet, still bound with one arm, and vocally restricted! disbelief and wonder filled my mind about what I had witnessed if Warren had somehow fooled us, the amount of activity in that room would of caused him to be exhausted and a bath of sweat, not to mention a hideously hoarse voice, he was none of these. It took him a little while to regain himself and left me no doubt he himself had been on his own little journey.

The sanctuary began as an idea for self development, it’s growing to be much more than that, its a limitless opportunity and i would like to say i am proud to be a part of it.

The dead came by Amager

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Is there life after death?

I’ve always been convinced. Without hesitation I can say yes. But I know for sure? Do I have any proof? Actually, I know it well until the day I die. As I said, there has never been any doubt in my mind, and after I last Saturday was a physical seance with the medium Warren Caylor so I am even more convinced. Grandmother welcome and well

I do not know how many platformsclairvoyancer I’ve been to where the media has been on stage and said something like: I’m an older woman. She wore glasses when she lived, had a small dog and was happy nature. Her name begins with K. Is there anyone in the audience who know her? She says that she is doing well, and ask me greet.

This could fit many of you who are reading my blog, so I have often missed something where I could get a physical proof, and I just love that I got from Warren. What he can tolerate no comparison with many others who call themselves media.  Warren is a physical medium, which means that when a deceased person comes through him, then all present in the room both see, hear, feel and experience him. These are only a few in the world who can. So it is a rarity. The media is bound and gagged

Marion Dampier-Jeans had told me about Warren and she recommended me strongly to meet him. So when I found out that he visited Denmark here in March, I signed up for. Only people who have experience with physical mediumship can participate. One should therefore security clearance in advance. This is because of the danger that the media expose themselves to.  I do not know what I expected, but I met up with an open mind and was very excited. The place was Hørning house in Amager.

After a brief presentation, put Warren in a big old heavy chair with armrests. His hands and feet were thick strips strapped to the armrests and chair legs. Then he gagged and got a sack over his head. In this way, he could not speak, move or move. This is done to ensure that no cheating. We were about 30 spectators and we sat close together in one big circle of chairs pushed up against the wall. No one could thus go around behind us. We were let into the room one at a time, and was on the way in. searched to ensure that no one had brought paraphernalia. When we came in, the door was locked. The only thing that was in the room was a small table on which stood a lamp and a CD player.  middle of the floor lay a trumpet , a bell, a harmonica and a luminescent plate. A Swedish couple had Warren been provided with a pair of pliers. This should be used when Warren was cut free after the session. It was their responsibility to care for it, and ensure that no one else got it.

Can you hear me?

Warren went very quickly into a trance, and soon after was heard footsteps running around the entire room. Very clear and sharp. Everything shook, and I must honestly say that at the time I had my heart sitting in his throat.  A man came over and talked wildly high. Almost shouting, but it was just his way of speaking. Can you hear me, he asked. All said yes.

There was so much during the 2 hours I sat there. More spirits came through, even several at once. Both adults and children. All with their own personality. The trumpet was several times by the spirits lifted and circulated in fast circles around in the air, which was rung the bell and played on his harmonica. One of the spirits took the CD player and put even the piece of music he wanted to hear, and sang on the song. At one point he took out the CD and gave it in your hand to a woman who was sitting to my right. Later he took the player and carried it into the opposite end of the room.  Two persons were allowed to physically touch the spirits – hold in their hands and got a kiss on the cheek.  Several were cuddled in her hair, which was created icy winds blown on us, made ​​light “show”, danced, sung for us and much much more.

Love and humor

The experiences were very physical, intense, direct and violent. It was not left anything to the imagination. Is there any wonder or is this not? No, no one was in doubt. All saw, felt and experienced the same thing. Here we got the ultimate proof that there is life after death.  All spirits that came through had a super nice sense of humor, while there were earnest in their words and messages but indeed all in love. The purpose of that they came to us was that they wanted us to learn and understand the spiritual world.  Spirits made ​​a lot of fun with us, and I was personally very happy. It took off energy much and took away the fear of the very special evening. Several times had experiences so strong that you sat and held my breath. In the short periods when nothing happened, you could hear every breath and just take a deep breath. The media got pulled clothes off

The last thing that happened was that the spirits levitated (lifted / floating) Warren and his chair so he was moved out of the room, and was placed in the middle of our circle. When the chair was lowered, it happened with a bang. They would tease him a little, and therefore had the dematerialized his shirt and got it tied into the strips that were around his feet. This, even though it was physically impossible for the strips were stretched all the way to, and can only be opened using pliers to cut them.

A lot happened, and I can feel that simply can not tell everything I have seen and experienced . It is simply too big, and all words and explanations will just be so vulgar and it’s not fair. It simply must be experienced.

Critics fake and scam

I have received many skeptical glances: Well Jette, what did you do on Saturday? Well, I saw a man being tied to a chair, gagged and sit with a bag over his head, while the deceased walked around and greeted us. What about you? So you X-Factor? Everyone has tried to convince me that it was all fake and scam. Did speakers, how about a good ventriloquist, cords in the ceiling, yes they have bombarded me with questions and really it’s probably logical enough. We simply can not accommodate or believe this, unless we ourselves have witnessed it – and even then, it’s quite a mouthful.

I was even allowed to examine the entire room before the session began. I was also allowed to tie Warren with broad stripes as police use. I have not the slightest doubt over the authenticity of the evening’s experience. I can not say anything other than go to his website and find out when Warren again hold a seance. He comes to Denmark, Norway and England. If you can be approved as a participant, sit in a physical circle with him and experience a real physical session with your own eyes.

There is hope

What have I gotten out of it? A bubbling joy and gratitude at having been so privileged to be allowed to be one of the few ever get to experience this. A deep inner peace of the certainty I now carry with me the knowledge that we all live on and that we all at some point again meets those we have loved and lost.

Warren Caylor

Marion Dampier-Jeans

Hørning house Amager

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Here is the information submitted to myform from on Saturday, June 16th, 2012 at 8:49 am

Name: ruth parkin

Comments: thankyou warren and your wonderful spirit team, a fantastic night at the gilbert sanctuary last night 15th of june 2012, from the very beginning with the trumpet’s flying and the table levitation i knew that we were in for another amazing evening,fantastic phenomena followed and one sitter being moved around the seance room ! i can’t describe the feeling of warmth and love that surrounded us all, and to receive a personal message from my great uncle jack was truly special, but the highlight of the evening for me was a visit from my black labrador who passed into spirit just last week, there is no better evidence of life after death than this, thankyou once again. love to you all , until next time, ruth x


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17 Responses to The dead passed Amager

Linda Larsen 05.03.2012 at 22:01 #

It sounds incredible .. I am myself a person with both feet firmly planted, and find it very difficult to imagine the session, but I believe in you, and I look forward – as you – about having to meet my beloved on the other side. Thank you for your description.


Anita Adele Leyha 05.03.2012 at 22:29 #

Jette, so amazing! Well diaper I inoffensive happy for you and åndenes behalf. This physical is great! I’m not just some problems with å believe it. I think hundreds prosent 🙂 Tusen, a thousand thanks for your sharing it with Us.


Pia Saves 06.03.2012 at 07:31 #

Dear Jette, thank you for sharing this experience!

Love your comment: “I saw a man being tied to a chair, gagged and sit with a bag over his head, while the deceased walked around and greeted us. What about you? So you X-Factor? “, Hi, hi

Where is it exciting – the media, I would experience a day!


Heidi Moen 06.03.2012 at 08:08 #

Hei Jette. Thanks for that we will take part in your opplevelser. I would so gladly have vert there and opplevd this. I decide meg that I will Meeting this Mannen in veldig near future. )


Hanne Svanhild 06.03.2012 at 08:22 #

OF COURSE THINK I AM IN – has repeatedly physically eg my father and I, too, heard – and smelled –

I have no doubt of a life afterwards –

I’ve been in a trance, in the spirit world – the most wonderful place, I’ve been –

I will try to find out if I can meet warren around here.

thanks Jette


Jonathan Weidinger 06.03.2012 at 08:30 #

Hi Jette,

Thank you for sharing this experience and describes the so sober.

I have met Annette, who owns Hørning house, and she told me about these physical media and what they can and sometimes do. I was in no doubt that it was true what she said, too, because she – like you – are very credible. For me it is very exciting with all your examples and it gives me much pleasure to participate at a time.

To some people frightened by it and must play it down and away clear it’s a part of life.


Anne 06.03.2012 at 09:14 #

I attended the session on Sunday.

As Jette already written is Warren put the cabinet in a chair, gagged with a sack over his head and strips on the hands and feet. After 2 music No comes the first through and with quiet loud voice says there is a problem and asking until there is a hospital nearby .. It turns out that the strips are placed on Warren’s hands and feet are so tightly that they stop the blood flow and that it can be serious if not changed, we also get to know that we have to change the board and the chair standing in the circle – the chair must be on the table so that they have a challenge to play with .. The session is stopped and Warren cut free – it’s a little scary but very touching experience with the spirit world who care for the medium. After a short break we start all over again and this time with duct tape because there are several strips. After a short time is the first out with a huge bang – there are clear foot step (There is, if I remember correctly 3 which is reflected in the entire session) … Yellow Feather usually occur in Warren, Louise Armstrong who played the bottom harp to his own No . and Windston Churchill with his great sense of humor. There was levitated 3 sitters from their place in space, trumpet flew around so everyone could see it, it was put hard on the floor, there were trampled mm stool that stood on the table as spiritual world had asked for was lifted up to the ceiling and the table was also moved. Was given a gift for a sitter as physically tagged’s hand and we could all hear clapping sounds and was struck on skudre mm Warren was demateriliseret out of the cabinet and a Danish media were moved into Warren’s chair where he received healing and we got All told, the spiritual world are working on alternatives that do not load the media so violently when using voice – again great to be confirmed in that they take care of our media who expose themselves and their bodies to extreme load during one such session. When the session is over is nothing like when we started – tables and chairs were moved around – the skins as Warren sat on the cabinet lay on the floor, his t-shirt and bag on his head was in the room and he was mildly entangled in cloth from the cabinet. I feel so grateful to have this amazing experience and I do it again. If you yourself would like to try, to sit in on sessions such as this one must have knowledge of physical mediumship and you must be authorized.


Inger Jorunn Andreassen 06.03.2012 at 09:58 #

Interestingly å lese about this … and litt sinister. Do not power comes close I would be watched with the noe sort. I have no doubt about that life goes on pans death. It seems meg å be quite logical. The day “door” in the evening and stand up again in the morning. Årstidene / nature “door” on the harvest and stand up again for spring. The physical human body goes to grunne, but bevisstheten continues in all eternity. All reincarnates and lives on. Spirit / consciousness of goods forever. We can not die or become utslettet. We change just uttrykksform.


Christie-Jane Wiis 06.03.2012 at 11:15 #

Boyfriend Jette!

Thank you for your detailed description – and I fully understand that of course is certainly one world beside our – and nothing can really surprise me in this context, but the hairs rising everywhere when I read your words, as much of the joy of it is the truth.

Cordial thoughts



Robert Guin 06.03.2012 at 16:38 #

hei jette!

a great description audiovisual huh you opplevede with warren, an incredible opplevese!

I must trondheim in norway and see warren 24-25 March, gleder meg enda more reach banquets and ha lest how you opplevd this


Annette Hørning 06.03.2012 at 22:52 #

Dear Jette. Thank you for sharing your experience and let others gain insight into a physical seance from your own experience. It can not be equated with any other media cabinet and the weekend was quite unique with Warren Caylor. Greetings from Annette Hørning


Annette 10.03.2012 at 00:24 #

Hello Jette.

I just read about your experience with Warren .. tears rolling down my cheeks .. it must have been so beautiful and emotional an experience that can not be explained but must be experienced .. to understand it. I’m not clairvoyant, medium, or anything else like that but … is not a sek.i doubt that there is something else when we are not here anymore. I’ve been meditating almost every day for many years …. sometimes I feel that there is someone with me .. something very very loving and so trills tears quietly down my cheeks .. again: o) It must be experienced for the feeling I can not explain …. it is … so … fantastic.

Thank you to share a little of your experience with us.


Greetings Annette


sofie 12.03.2012 at 14:52 #

it sounds absolutely fantastic, and I WOULD like to believe. I have no doubt about what you saw … but I do not understand why it should be so secretly. Why should not film it? Why would the spirits and warren not to document it when it is so clear evidence of the existence of spirits??  entire shady setup creates nothing but skepticism and – frankly – understandable questions about mirrors, cords in the ceiling, trickery and magic. ¨

You are even clairvoyant – why do you think it should be as shady, if not it is because it is bogus?


Ian the Reybekill 12.03.2012 at 19:11 #

Hi Jette,

Thanks for the fine report. I think that is so amazing deal you tell, all the time, it is a gift to us “newcomers” and therefore it is natural that you get this experience that you can pass.

I have not a shadow of doubt what you tell, on the contrary. I see it more as a beautiful and very interesting testimony. Just a similar series of experiences (which only took place on audio-plane) was designed to awaken me from my sleeping beauty sleep and get kicked me going. I am a person who has both feet on the ground, and seems to otherwise I can understand how the physical world hangs together … and the funny thing about it is that will constantly have to change the laws of physics I know! Han Han.

Sincerely, Ian


Lillian Larsen 17.03.2012 at 20:26 #

Hello Jette

Thank you!

Have you seen the program from the Power of the Spirits Section 27; ?

I just saw it through Sputnik (29 kr / day).


Confirms your experience in another forum.

KH Lillian


Jette Harthimmer 18.03.2012 at 17:58 #

Hello Lillian. I’ve blogged about a lot of episodes. Do you think 16 in total. Simply search for “Spirits return” you will find my posts.

This is an exciting world


Once again it was a great pleasure to welcome Warren Caylor into the lodge for a private seance. This evenings demonstration was witnessed by Christine, Pat, Richard, Nick, Travis, Syann, Sue, Lucy, Lee, Jerry. Chris and Jack.

This seance event was energy filled and inspiring!  The medium was seen to be well secured into the chair at the start of the seance, and was likewise at the end of the evening.  However…during the evening his chair was witnessed to be empty and cable ties were apparently dematerialised and then re-materialised.  The spinning trumpet, table levitation, solid-form taps and pats were felt and heard, manipulation of the CD player ( whilst Sue held Chris’s hands) and further phenomena that really cannot be appreciated unless witnessed in person.  In all the phenomena was much enjoyed by all those present.  On this occasion we offer the full seance recording for others to enjoy.

Full séance recording:  http://www.box.net/shared/5kd0llkkvn3ig2tkedc8

Clips taken from this full recording:

Tom: http://www.box.net/shared/27136trkojsn1u4jx95b

Luther: http://www.box.net/shared/q9t4ul7rm6qb6la24sq9

Yellow Feather: http://www.box.net/shared/8cgl6o1l8h8rg1iml028

Luther speaks to Sue and then supports Syann to walk across the room in the dark:


I personally invite feedback from witnesses on this occasion.  It is all very well for me to praise the venue and all that rises within it…it’d be good to hear what others feel and how this evenings experience might have affected them.  Thank You.

Chris Di Nucci


Chris (from Norwich):

Hello Christine, just a quick note to say thank you for such a warm welcome into your home and the lodge i had an amazing time, alan and pat were very kind too, I will go away now and digest what I have experienced and assuming I would be welcome return to see you again soon, thanx again to you and your team , Chris .

Sue (from Devon):

Dear Christine,

Thanks so much for inviting me to your home and to join the séance on Saturday. It really was an extraordinary experience and I was glad that I finally made the effort to join you all and to experience it for myself.  With all best wishes, Sue.

Jerry (from Bristol):

Hi Christine

I’ve been trying to think of words to adequately describe what I felt and sa, but it’s impossible really.  I was sitting next to the cabinet, so when I was asked by Yellow Feather to move in front of the cabinet I was able to do this quite easily, despite it being in blackout conditions at the time. When Yellow Feather asked me to feel the chair, where Warren had been sitting, he wasn’t there!  His chair was empty!  The spirit team had, they said, dematerialised him.  I found this hard to believe.  But Warren is a big lad and I was sitting right beside the cabinet, and no-one walked past me.  So where was he?

Yellow Feather asked me to feel the arms of the chair and to feel the the cable ties.  The cable ties were still intact, unbroken, and were still threaded through the holes in the chair arms. Three seconds later I was asked to feel the ties again.  This time they had dematerialised (gone).  Yellow Feather asked me to wait again, and then to feel the chair once more.  This time Warren hands and arm were back in place, I could feel the cable tie around his wrist!   I could not believe it!  But I had to! Then …quite suddenly…Warrens hand and arm vanished again!

This time I was told to sit in Warren’s empty chair.  That’s the cabinet chair where Warren would have been sitting.  As I sat in it, the chair began to move (the back was being pushed towards the front, with me on it). The chair stopped. Then I was asked to stand up again and to hold the arms of the chair.  The chair started to lift, it moved up to my chest and then pulled away!  How great was that. The chair moved back to the floor. I was still by the cabinet when it seemed that Warrens arm was hitting me on my arm.  It was as if the arm was damging from above my head.  Yellow Feather said that Warren was on the ceiling. 

I witnessed lots more phenomena.  I had a great evening and feel so lucky.  Whatever anyone else thinks, they should see for themselves, like I did.

Thank you

Nick (from Brighton):

….I’ve just about returned to earth after what was an amazing weekend with you guys and with spirit.

….Warren’s seance was spectacular and it was great that Syann got to meet and touch spirit in materialized form, she hasn’t stopped talking about her new best buddy Luther!!!

….Sunday’s experiments were even more enjoyable and it was interesting to see how well Lee’s energies worked with Syann putting more volume and control into her direct voice development. There was an awful lot of emotion in that lodge and when the Morning Star song came on I had to fight to stop myself busting into tears!!! I find it interesting how all your groups can mix and match their energies so well, each helping the development of the other, I get the feeling that Physical Mediumship development is changing and it’s getting easier now for different groups to blend their energies and for more than one medium to sit in the same circle, something which in the past rarely seemed to happen successfully.

….Then came my turn and I still can’t get over how powerful the energies felt sitting in your cabinet on Sunday afternoon, are you sure that chair isn’t wired up to the mains!!??!

….I’m sure we’ve both pocketed some of those energies and it’s going to boost the Mercury Star Circle’s development no end.

….Thanks for a fantastic weekend and I very much hope to be heading out west again soon, Nick.

Lee (from Bristol).  Note: Lee is a developing PM:

Thank you for the weekend it was great to see Warren again and sit for Syann on Sunday.

It was nice to hear the same noises as my recordings, so very interesting.

Sitting in the corner directly in front of the cabinet was an experience in itself! It was very very hard to keep awake! In Syann’s seance they took me down and I could feel the heat thing in my stomach and lower back, and my throat clogging up as if I was sitting in the cabinet myself.

Another thing I experienced was my jaw constantly chattering for at least 3 songs as if I was cold. I think dad (Jerry) felt similar effects. Again I get these feelings sitting in the cabinet. From my perspective…Warren’s and Syann’s seances were both a great! It’s all amazing!  Lee. Syann (from Brighton):  Note: Syann is a developing PM:

Hi Chris,

Well, I’m still ‘buzzing’ after the weekend! What an amazing experience.

I’m still struggling to comprehend the ‘fact’ that I had my hair stroked by Luther, a 957yr dead pre-Egyptian!  I can’t get over how ‘normal’his hands felt – just like human hands. They were warm, and skin ‘textured’ – not cold, or hard, or squishy! I’d say they were prehaps very slightly ‘clammy’ or damp…but other than that, they felt like ‘real’ human hands – BIG human hands – his palm covered the entire top of my head!! And his voice, when I must have been standing in front of him (as both hands were touching my hair), was well above my head (Warren is about the same height as me!). I’ve been trying to think of words to adequately describe the sensation of his touch. I’d say about that, the use of his hands – his grip was strong, definately. But I’d also say that it felt like there wasn’t ‘in fact fine’ detail’ to the hands…like he didnt have very fine ‘motor control’ – does that make sense?

When he ran his hands down my hair, and massaged the sides of my head, it felt like a ‘clumsy touch’…(Im not being rude Luther – honest!!). It was delicate – very delicate, but like maybe someone would do if they had a thick pair of gloves on that they couldnt feel through…it’s very hard to describe! Anway – it was amazing. The thing I later realised once I had ‘chilled out a bit’, was how difficult, if not impossible, it would have been to have walked anywhere in that room! I had serious trouble maintaining my balance as not only was it pitch black, but there was ‘stuff’ all over the floor. If I hadn’t have been holding Luthers hand on the way back, I would have fallen at one point…I think I stepped on some chalk! This makes me then think that there is no way anyone (as in a person!) could have been swinging that table around without seriously hurting someone!! Similary – the trumpet stopped right in front of my face at one point!  Incredible!!! And as for Sunday!! Brilliant! I had a great sitting. I’m very grateful to Lee, Jerry and Pat for coming back on Sunday to sit with me (Nick didn’t have any choice!! Ha ha!!) – it’s really appreciated – thanks guys! The energy in the room was really strong. I know I was a lot deeper than I have been before. Other than that, I can’t really comment! Ha ha! And it was great to see Jerry do ‘his thing’ too – the transfigured faces are so strong! And then Nick sat too after lunch – brilliant! I was knocked out for a fair portion of his sitting. I remember this ‘burning/heat’ sensation in my tummy area, then…gone! I came round enough to see a few faces! I’m so pleased you and Pat have seen them too! I wasn’t making it up – Ha ha!! I love the fact that we could all sit like this, I really do – it feels so ‘lovely’ and ‘right’! The energy exchange between everyone was fantastic, and so strong!! I cant wait till our circle sits again on Thursday!! I’m sure everyone will benefit from this weekend!! Hopefully see you soon! Thanks for organising it all!!

Syann  xxx

Pat (from Clevedon)

Hi Chris

I’m finding it difficult to add to all the previous comments about the séance on Saturday – it was yet another amazing experience -Warren has a very rare gift and I would like to see more people getting involved with the type of phenomena we all witnessed. I would also like it noting that I personally have complete faith in Gerry and the other sitters’ integrity and honesty – there were only two sitters not known personally to me before the séance and I don’t believe either of them could have manipulated any of the extraordinary happenings that we witnessed. Another thing – after sitting in the lodge for the séance – round the table, eating everything in sight- I felt like the other sitters and myself were more close – like we had a common affiliation and unity -not just because we have a similar interest. It seemed like more than that. If that makes any sense! Finally I’d like to add a massive Thank You to Warren, Chris and Alan for making this event possible!

Report of Warren’s seance: October 3rd 2009

Venue: The Bristol Spirit Lodge Circle.

October 3rd 2009. A private Séance with Warren Caylor.

Whilst sitting within the house before start of séance there were numerous spirit knockings, too many to count. Many of these were tapped in time to music played, or made in response to our conversations. Later, within the lodge, Warren was firmly secured into his chair by Graham, who had not sat with Warren before. He tied a strong belt around Warren’s waist, cords around his legs, and strapped his arms to the chair with two cable ties to each wrist. A gag was finally tied by Belinda, who also placed a bag over Warren’s head (to aid the containment of energy). Finally the cabinet curtains were closed and Chris spoke her circle’s customary opening prayer before the lights were extinguished.

The séance began quietly, but not for long! Very soon knocks and thumping sounds, along with crashes and footsteps were only too evident. The séance was in full swing within 15 minutes, with Tom’s friendly welcome opening the evening of fun shared between those within the two worlds.


After Tom’s welcome he offered sitters a display of trumpet spinning, tapping the trumpet on the ceiling before dropping it rapidly to ground level before swinging up high again, spinning rapidly and shaking it to form artistic patterns in the air. He then picked up the whistle for a quick blast, before withdrawing temporarily.


Yellow Feather then came forward, his arrival indicated by heavy banging sounding upon the floor!


Rachel was the next communicator to welcome everyone. A demonstration of harmonica play, along with a lot of mystery sounds were heard as Rachel wrote notes on the paper supplied. Soon afterwards Jon’s chair was moved towards the centre of the room! Other sitters were touched, whilst Jon and Jeremy then had their socks removed!


After this fun period the voice of Louis Armstrong was heard to enjoy a shared sing-song with sitters  Rachel came through again after this, and handed round a ‘daisy chain’ made of cable ties that had been strung together (these ties were left unused within the room before the séance). How on earth the spirit team had threaded them together in the pitch dark we don’t know. Most of us have enough difficulty fastening cable ties in broad daylight! Rachel then invited Graham to witness the dematerialisation of the Medium…followed by his re-materialisation a few minutes later (again checked by Graham)

Tom returned and walked around the room, touching sitters, who felt his small hand. Shortly after this he offered a demonstration of an ectoplasmic hand…which was clearly seen by sitters in turn

http://www.box.net/shared/k58akl940x ‘Gary’ then came forward to give a message to Chris http://www.box.net/shared/dboi3mmtdd

When this communicator withdrew Tom requested the music and singing to be raised whilst the team demonstrated a brilliant light show. The lights were seen to light the cabinet, the ceiling and much of the room. Smaller lights, of hand-held ball size, were hovering and flashing all around the room.


As the séance drew towards its close Sir Winston Churchill’s voice was heard offering a valuable message to all


Finally, Tom came forward to request that the closing music be played, and warned us of changes the team had made to Warren’s clothing. In fact when the lights were turned on we all saw that his trousers and shirt were in fact inside out!


Throughout the séance, other sounds and knocks, crashes and thuds, taps and physical contact from materialised form were witnessed, aside from that which has been reported here. Also, the CD player was ‘taken over’ a couple of times with Belinda’s hands held by Jon and other sitter’s having their hands joined.


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It is almost a year since Warren sat in seance with the Bristol Spirit Lodge Circle.  I moved house five months ago and have needed to prepare the new lodge and settle down into a stable routine before inviting him to sit with us.  Tonight was a much looked forward to event.  I was also looking forward to meeting Warren’s partner Lucy for the first time. Tonight Warren and Lucy arrived at my home shortly before the séance began. By this time the others, who are all regular sitters within the lodge setting, had settled in and were chatting socially around the table in the house prior to going into the lodge.

The lodge is a new venue so I showed Warren around, staying with him whilst within the lodge. Knowing the sitters and being familiar with my perception of their energies I had placed name labels upon the seats, where I felt sitters might be best positioned. Whilst we were together in the lodge I asked Warren if he would prefer to change the seating plans, but he proclaimed himself satisfied with the setting.  Soon after returning to the house Warren indicated that he was ready to start the evening’s séance and all of us then proceeded into the lodge and took our places.  For those that are not familiar with this venue, the lodge measures 12ft x 12ft.   The chairs are positioned around the edge of the room, with the cabinet in one corner.  All chairs have elestic stretched across their legs, and sitters are asked to place their legs behind this, so that the space in the centre of the room, and around the cabinet, are left clear.  This is so that the trumpet and other ‘toys’ can be placed in the middle and won’t be kicked by sitters feet…which would negate some of the validity of evidential phenomena.

Witnesses listed as seated anti-clockwise around the room: Jon, Chris, Alison, Margaret, Richard, Darlene, Mandy, Pat, Tracy, Jerry, Lucy. Jon was seated beside the CD player with myself beside him. Jon and I had together agreed (upon spiritual guidance offered by the circle’s guide FC) that he should act as circle leader for this séance.

Jerry tied a waist tie around Warren and the back of the chair, securing this with several knots in front. He then applied the cable ties to Warren’s arms and legs, which were threaded through holes drilled in the wooden chair arms and legs. Finally Alison tied a length of cotton rope around Warren’s legs, using numerous bindings and knots to secure him to her satisfaction. Finally Jon tied a gag into Warren’s mouth and placed a bag over his head, before closing the cabinet curtains. Alison securing the ropes: http://www.box.net/shared/occj6e6fpm

Jon then opened the séance with a prayer, before extinguishing the lights and effecting total blackout. He then started the CD player.  There were two lights available to be used. One being a red lamp that was placed upon the floor, beside Jon’s feet. The other being a tall lamp, with a white bulb and a dimmer switch, again this control was beside Jon’s feet. The single CD player was set to play a single CD. All other electrical sockets in the lodge were fitted with blanks. A battery operated digital recorder was placed, and secured, to the table beside Jon, which is also beside the cabinet.

The séance began, and within thirty seconds a couple of small bangs were picked up on the audio recorder. Soon after this a séance-familiar ‘suction’ sound was also picked up by the recorder. As the second piece of music played a series of very loud bangs were heard: http://www.box.net/shared/rgpebx9qej

My husband, who remained within the house, which is a few yards from the lodge building, told me later that our house shook with the force of this! I felt momentarily concerned for Alison, who was seated beside me, as she had never sat in a blackout séance before.

Tom arrives:

Shortly after this Tom suggested that he play some music for us. We had placed a slide-whistle on the floor in the centre of the room beforehand:  http://www.box.net/shared/vn35rjx4tt

Yellow Feather dances and writes on the blackboard: http://www.box.net/shared/m8pphk9bq5

What a wonderful World. Is this Satchmo himself? 


A demonstration of physical phenomena using the plaque.  The plaque is a flat piece of card covered with luminous paint, upon which the dark hand of the materialised form can be placed so that can be seen in blackout conditions: http://www.box.net/shared/tzcxmglofa

Helen introduces herself: http://www.box.net/shared/5rlxlcfib4

An hour into the séance the spirit team, managed by Tom, enabled a demonstration of ectoplasm. This gooey substance appeared linked between the Medium’s nose and ears, and was seen clearly within red lighting conditions by everyone present: http://www.box.net/shared/zvydq9dti4

Jon’s hair being touched, then receiving a message: http://www.box.net/shared/n705i4rc94

At the time Jon was uncertain of who this communicator was as the voice was not very clear. The recording is clearer however, so he was then able to confirm that the communicator was Bob, his grandpa, who would often stroke the hair of his grandson. Tom came through just as Walter was leaving (he will return). Tom played around in the room. He wrote us a message on a sheet of paper, and laid a wrapped sweet onto the plaque. The sweet wrapper was sticky with ectoplasm: http://www.box.net/shared/e6iooebo38 Yellow Feather holds something on top of Lucy’s head: http://www.box.net/shared/geqgeo4hqb

Warren is dematerialised from the chair whilst first myself and then Alison sit in the chair, which is levitated. Remember that this the very first time that Alison has sat in a blackout séance and her only previous séance experience was sitting once within the lodge within clear lighting as a witness of transfiguration: http://www.box.net/shared/z9d2hlyyov

Is this Sir Winston Churchill?  He first comments about us sitting in séance and missing watching the X Factor.  He then chats with Pat and Mandy: http://www.box.net/shared/dvqjn1v13p

The CD ends.  I advised Jon to start again, but ask him to skip the first two songs.  He struggles with the CD controls in the dark, until Tom (spirit child) takes over.   I then held Jon’s two hands to prove to the sitters that it isn’t ‘us’ touching the CD controls). Note that Tom is quite heavy handed with the CD player, but nevertheless manages to get it working!


Yellow Feather offers healing towards Margaret: http://www.box.net/shared/rjgdtrt50c

Margaret has a visitor: http://www.box.net/shared/ydp09haekd

Throughout the séance Tom played around within the room. Footsteps were heard, Jerry’s socks were removed and most of the sitters were physically touched by hands and fingers of varying shapes and sizes.  Walter came back to chat with us. He responded to questions posed by sitters and also suggested that we write questions on paper ready for the next séance. Quiet, but clear, communication:  http://www.box.net/shared/7ygk6vaq7c

End of séance. The spirit team explain what they wish to do:

http://www.box.net/shared/vnkxdo6rnp The séance lasted for over two hours. When the light came on Warren, trussed up like a chicken, bound tightly with cable ties and ropes, was laying on the floor in front of Jon. One tangle of cable ties were repeatedly tied into a bow, with the two ringed ends secured around Warren’s ankles. Jon was required to use cutters to release him. The blackboard displayed chalked messages from Yellow Feather.  “Wantatanka”, “You The Best”  and a smiley face.  Tom wrote “Thank You” along with some kisses, on a sheet of paper we’d placed l on the floor.

Altogether a fantastic evening, filled with incredible spiritual physical phenomena.  I very much look forward to spending eternity continuing to enjoy the ever-expanding social experience of working between the spirit world and the earth plane. 

Chris Di Nucci